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Hello there! My name is Nicole (nickname Colie) and I just recently graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Utah focused on visual/media communications. I’m a girl who could eat pizza for every meal or live off chocolate if I had to! My hidden talent (not so hidden now) I have is being able to shake my eyes back and forth really fast! When I was asked as a kid what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say “I want to be an artist.” I think I am pursuing my creativity in some art aspects and am excited to continue blogging! I started this blog as an outlet for my most loved hobbies:



It’s kind of a funny story how I became interested with style…

I did play dress up just like any other kid, but it wasn’t until I noticed two of my friends who were best friends at the time each having a unique style. Hints into each of their personalities were shown by what they wore. One had a colorful and eclectic style which showed her funny and outgoing personality, while the other wore girly things like lace and floral that depicted her girly girl self. I thought they were cooler than everyone during middle school because they didn’t try to fit in and look like everybody else. I gradually developed interest in style and took art classes, fashion classes, and even read books on the subject as well as being aware of style in the media and in our culture. Then, I came across a few fashion bloggers and was inspired to make my own blog!

So… after a few years, here I am! I’m still changing my blog into what I’d like it to ultimately become a space to:

promote a positive body image

inspire women in their 20’s with my style

have a minimalist style/beauty 

help the beginner learn about the basics in style (essentials) 

Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you start feeling inspired! Any questions? Feel free and ask me on my contacts page!

Thanks, xoxo


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