All Gone: Mascara

It’s that time again where I review my used up products that I want to share with you as I quite enjoyed them and would rate them with a great score! You might be able to tell through the worn out packaging as I used up these products until they are all gone. So, see which one you’d like to add to your makeup bag…


mascara1  mascara2
mascara4  mascara5


My empty mascara list

the Colossal- Maybelline

Make Up For Ever

Voluminous million lashes- Loreal Paris

Lights, Camera, Lashes- Tarte


The Colossal by Maybelline would have to be one of my favorite mascaras from Maybelline. I have tried a few that I’d prefer to stay away from as they did almost nothing for my lashes, so I’d suggest to be cautious when trying new ones by Maybelline if you haven’t heard any good reviews about the mascara yet. Sometimes I look up reviews to be safe, even if it is just a few bucks, I want to get my moneys worth or more! I like how the brush is curved to the lashes and glides on smoothly. I’d suggest this for an every day mascara for sure. I think most of these mascaras are perfect for every day use since they aren’t water proof since water proof ones can be a pain to take off and sometimes removes your lashes.

I’ve never owned something from Make Up For Ever and received this in an IPSY bag last year. It was definitely nice! I wouldn’t brag about it, but it worked great for a classic makeup look. Coats the lashes well. I want to try the brand’s foundation sometime soon as I’ve heard good things about some of them like the Velvet Matte one. Who doesn’t love a matte foundation, especially if you have oily skin like me.

I’m pretty sure my sister and mom have used a similar mascara from this brand for ages, and so it was time to try the Voluminous million lashes- Loreal Paris for a change. Wow! I think this mascara is my go-to drugstore mascara! It coats every lash and leaves you blinking in the mirror in awe. Yes! A drugstore mascara that delivers! I love the packaging as it makes me feel more glamorous as it is gold and black. Classy.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about the brand Tarte, whether they really use natural ingredients or not. It’s very confusing trying to find results with that, but besides that I find the products usually are quite good. The Lights, Camera, Lashes- Tarte was nice! I think the packaging is unique and i love the name. My sister has a whole collection with this mascara and eyeshadow and it’s gorgeous. She loves it! So, if you’re willing to splurge just a few more bucks on Tarte mascara, I’d say give it a go and purchase a lip product too! Those are fantastic!

Thanks, xoxo

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