This month, I had a difficult time finding new music to listen to. I was surprised, since I usually can find music I like through friends or family or online pretty easily. But, luckily I came across some songs I’ve heard before and a few new ones, most from artists I listen to. Music plays a big role in my life, and I bet yours too. Music is an amazing way to feel better, relax, or be more productive, and many other reasons. Hope you enjoy this playlist I created!

Riverside- Agnes Obel
Landfill- Daughter
The Tree- Gregoire Hetzel
Our Own House- MisterWives
Losers- The Weeknd, Labrinth
Number One- Tove Styrke
Nothing Left- Kygo, Will Heard
Forest Fires- Axel Flovent
Landslide- Oh WonderThanks, xoxo

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