This photoshoot with my friends was definitely my favorite of all! We did a couple different other styles as well, but I really liked the Sailor Style we chose:) I enjoy wearing stripes and feel like I have a bit of Sailor Style in my wardrobe. Hope you like the photoshoot! 

 Call me long legged haha! I had to wear my wedges for this shoot. They are the closest shoes I’ve ever gotten to wearing a heel… I’ve NEVER owned a pair of high heels! I know, I sure need to not just because they are classy, but because I want to!:) Things are looking up!

 We sure had an amazing time together that day! We laughed while the sun beat down on us because it was quite hot! Even though my friends eyes are closed, this is still an incredibly cute picture! We forced her to wear those high waisted shorts haha because it doesn’t fit her style… sounds rude but she eventually forgave us;) For me on the other hand, I LOVED the high waisted shorts my other friend let me borrow! She told me they were from Charlotte Russe. I found my striped sheer top from Ross! Yeah, Ross! photo cred- friend


 My friends and I all had quite an adventure near the trains:) It was such a great place for a shoot and beautiful weather! Thanks again to my amazing friends and their photography skills!

 I like sitting in a pile of dirt…not haha:) It was all good because I quite like this picture! It’s unique! 
 Here’s my classic look which I enjoy wearing because not only is it comfortable, but it fits my style! The dress is navy and tan and is made of cotton:) I found the light washed jean vest from Old Navy and wore my lucky white converse:) This photo wouldn’t be crazy enough with my random face expression haha! Errrr…


Just thought I’d take a few pics of my outfit today! It’s definitely J. Crew inspired, with that classic and preppy look. But, I did not buy any of my outfit from J. Crew and that is why it’s inspired! My chambray shirt and cream sweater are from Forever 21 and my quite green, but not olive jeans are from H&M! Had to add some pearl earrings to my look and a few flower rings as well:)

 My flats are from Target! They are just a simple tan color and are easy to slip on, along with matching a lot of my looks for my style:) 

 Laugh, but don’t fall over Nicole;) haha
Had to take a quick picture with my lovely mother who took these pictures of me:) Thanks mom! Love ya lots!


My friends and I did a photoshoot a few months ago during the summer:) It was a lot of fun and we found a few great places to take photos at! Hope you enjoy our funny faces and car adventures! Thanks to my good old friend Sam for taking most of the shots! 
Hey there:) Just making silly faces and a bit being craaazzzy!

Yep, you’ve seen the photo above before, it was featured on Seventeen Magazines website! It’s a dream of mine to be in that magazine:)
Black & white picture adds a bit of cool to our poses:)
The sun is shining and it feels so good:)
I feel free as a bird:) 
And here I am:) I absolutely love this outfit! I’d call it Girly Rocker:) I have my gold studded rocker jacket from Forever 21, my white lace top is also from Forever 21, and my maroon colored jeans are from H&M! I also wore white converse to make it a bit casual cool! 

Fall Beauty Bag from IPSY-by Colie Bolie

Hey everyone! Here’s my new youtube video on what beauty products I received in the mail this month from IPSY! Sure hope you enjoy it and give it a thumbs up!:) 


I just thought I’d share a few of my drawings today:) I’ve done some of these a few years ago and some of them are more recent. I don’t consider myself a pro at sketching, but I do enjoy it at times so I thought why not post some on my blog?! So here are a few! 

 This is none other than… Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries, which I was a bit obsessed with during the summer:) But when I drew this a few years ago, I didn’t even really know who she was! She was just in a Seventeen Magazine issue and I thought it was an amazing shot with her beautiful earrings and pose. 
 Now, this model was just in Seventeen and I loved the long necklace she wore with a bohemian vibe going on and her long hair! And if you haven’t already noticed I like to sketch and usually leave my drawings a bit unfinished with the lines a little noticeable. I’m not much of a perfectionist and like to see my projects with the lines of pencil or pen because it shows the progess and makes it a bit original maybe or more of what I like and not necessarily to please others;)
This is one of my all time favorite drawings of mine! She just looks like she’s having a good time! With those heart shaped glasses that remind me of one of my favorite songs “22” by Taylor Swift and her music video!:) She looks like she appreciates her individual beauty and gorgeous freckles!
Yes, this is Lily Collins! I love her eyebrows… I know that sounds quite funny, but I really like those kinda thick eyebrows! Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of other beautiful features on every individual that I admire, but I find eyebrows as defining and bold!

Once again… I didn’t have a clue who this was other than an actress. And now I adore her! This is Lucy Hale! She definitely rocks her thick eyebrows too! I thought this shot of her was crazy cool because she isn’t looking at the camera, she’s being individual and different! Rock what you’ve got girl!