Military Grunge

Here’s an outfit I created off this amazing and fun website called Polyvore! If you haven’t heard of it and you are a fashion lover like me, you better check it out:) Not only can you make fashion looks for inspiration, but you also can find the items you love by clicking on the outfit or clothing piece! You can follow others inspiration boards or create your own-fashion, beauty, or home decor! I tried to find affordable and inexpensive pieces when creating this look because I find that is the easiest way to try a new outfit if you aren’t sure you’ll like it without breaking the bank:) If you like any of these pieces shown above, click on their individual pics below to find them! Thanks xoxo


I was so glad to hear that my best friend Taylor was up for doing this Youtube tag with me called The Best Friend Tag:) We had a good laugh or two remembering our childhood and seeing how well we actually know each other! Hope you check it out and laugh yourself!:) Thanks xoxo
p.s. we all have a best friend or two who just gets us and can always have a good time together! I bet most of you will relate to this in some way or another! 

My 12 year old Secrets Revealed

It’s me again:) My new youtube video is me going through my first journal I wrote in and how hilarious my 12 year old self was! Hope you like it and give it a thumbs up:) I’m sure you can relate to a few things when you were young too! Thanks xoxo

SPACE OUT: My latest sketch

I got the sudden urge to draw… and so I HAD to draw! I love when my creativity comes out on paper:) The desire to create something that you can call your own is remarkable! So, I grabbed a magazine (which typically happens since I find that faces are so unique and captivating!) and flipped through the pages until I found what caught my attention. When I had first seen this photo in the latest Teen Vogue magazine, I thought it was quite bizarre. The glasses this model wore… well, they were strange! But that’s one reason I chose this picture! It’s different! One of my favorite parts of a drawing or sketch is the hair, and this models hair was a thing of its own! So I first started outlining with my pencils, then it needed a bit more pizzzaaaz, so I went with some ink! I titled this artwork Space Out, because I think that the model looked like she was spacing out into the universe! She is in her own world! I don’t think there is a huge meaning behind this, but I like to keep it simple just like that. I also like to leave my artwork as a sketch, and not quite finished. Why? You might ask… well because I find that when I do so, this creates my individual style and I simply like it like that. I’m not much of a perfectionist, and therefore I like to leave my sketches with lots of lines so that you can see the process I went through while working on it! If I were a perfectionist, I’d have to blend everything out to make it more realistic, but I think that when that happens, most of the time it’s kinda boring. So hope you like it too! 

Thanks xoxo

Fall & Winter Beauty Products

I realize I’m a bit late on this video… but I just finished editing it! Yep, I’m giving YouTube a go! I would love it if you’d check it out and let me know what you think. I give you a scoop on what I got in my Ipsy bag recently and if I like the products or not:) Thanks xoxo

25 Random Facts About Me

Hello:) Here’s a little video of random fun facts about me! Just thought it’d be a great way to introduce myself to YouTube and this blog:) I sure would love it if you would give it a thumbs up or a comment or even just a few minutes! Thanks xoxo