This way to Smoother Skin: Dermalogica Collaboration

You heard me right, look this way for smoother, softer skin! Have you ever been on the search for a skincare product that exfoliates AND helps keep your skin on your face healthy? Luckily, I’ve found one of those products when Dermalogica let me try their brand new product called the Daily Superfoliant! I was a bit skeptical at first about this product as I’d never thought of using a skincare product to help prevent the damaging side effects of pollution. But, after using this for awhile I’ve found that it is quite satisfying knowing that I am on my way to protecting my face from environmental factors that age my skin and cause it to be unhealthy. Read on to hear more and about a special discount for you! 

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Christmas Saying Sweater and Levi’s Look 2: Roseg...

Hi again guys! Here is my second holiday look, where I’m wearing the other sweater I received to try out from Rosegal. This Christmas Saying Sweater made me laugh when I saw it online as most of us know what it references to. The classic Christmas movie, Home Alone! I couldn’t resist picking this sweater from the many choices they had on Rosegal, so here it is! I’m surprised what a comfy fit it is where I can stretch it out a bit when I want to so that when it’s cold out I can cover my hands a bit. If you know me, I’m not the biggest fan of the cold, to say the least.

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Reindeer Sweater and Over the Knee Boots: Rosegal Colla...

Guys, it may be hard to believe, but I’ve never had a Christmas sweater… Yes, it’s true. Ok, maybe as a kid I did, but as of my teenage years as well as adulthood I can’t say I have. So it was something I definitely wanted for this holiday season and luckily Rosegal had plenty of them to choose from. I received this sweater and another one generously from Rosegal! I will share my honest opinion of them, even though I got them to try them out. I fell in love with the Reindeer sweater when I saw it online! I just thought it was adorable and it came in one of my favorite colors, black. If you consider black a color! Find out more below…

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e.l.f. Skincare & Cosmetics Review

It was such a nice surprise receiving e.l.f. Skincare products for free from Influenster to review! My opinions are my own:) I will let you know what products I like most as well as the ones I don’t, so that you will get a helpful idea of which products you might want to try yourself. I’ve had these products for a few weeks now and have tested them out a few times or more depending on how much I liked them. I honestly was excited since I actually use some e.l.f. beauty products and have been for quite some time as I find that they work quite well considering how inexpensive they are! 

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