Need some skin beauty inspiration? I know I do sometimes, especially when it comes to having soft and clear skin or shiny hair. So here’s a list of some bath skin essentials. I’ve come across a few products I’d like to share with you all. Hope they do wonders for you as well!
Eucerin– face lotion spf 30
I use this every morning after the shower to prevent my face from burning from the sun and to prevent future skin damage. I’ve read and heard about having a basic sunscreen lotion to use on the face daily to save your face from the sun even if you stay inside most of the day, it still helps.
Clearasil– Refreshing Superfruit Toner
Honestly had a hard time understanding why I’d want to use a toner and not an all in one cleanser. But, this one has almost everything you need. It washes off your makeup along with cleaning your face and preventing acne. A plus is it smells lovely!
Up & Up (Target)– Smoothing Shaving Gel with Soy
I’ve never held onto any shaving creams or gels before because I usually just use soap. But, now that has changed because most days I use this to prevent scrapes and razor burns or bumps. It’s quite nice having a gel that foams and smells quite relaxing and soothing. This is so inexpensive and useful that I’m sure to be buying this again.
Pantene– Smooth & Sleek w/ Argan Oil
I rarely ever used Pantene, but out of the blue I decided to give this a try. I’ve seen a lot of Argan Oil in many beauty products lately because of it’s nice effects on the hair and even skin. I was surprised because this conditioner left my hair soft and smooth and shiny! It’s rare I find a shampoo or conditioner that i want to rave about, but this one is it!
Eco-Beauty– Day Moisturizer
I didn’t think much of this until I gave it a try. I read the back to see what was in the product and it is amazing to see such few ingredients and natural. I totally support brands that try to go all natural with their products and avoid harsh chemicals. I use this moisturizer before bed after I wash my face and need some soothing. It smells like flowers and definitely smells healthy, if that counts for something!
Thanks, xoxo

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