1 Garnier- BB Cream w/ salicylic acid acne treatment
2 Maybelline- Pure BB 8-in-1 beauty balm w/ 2% salicylic acid
3 Rimmel- BB Cream 9-in-1 w/ SPF 25 sunscreen
4 Pacific- Alight multi-mineral BB Cream all-in-one
I’ve tried my fair share of BB Creams to try and figure out which one works best for me. It’s actually harder than I thought to find one that works with my skin as well as having enough coverage without being a foundation. BB Creams are lighter weight formulas than foundations and are considered easier to apply especially for the hot summer months. I tend to have acne every now and again with my more oily skin so I look for one with acne treatment or an oil free version. The Garnier has both! I find this to be my favorite because it smells nice and applies easily without making my skin look too orange. It’s very lightweight, but if layered the bb cream covers my small blemishes. The only minus is that even though it is oil free, this doesn’t stay matte all day but leaves a slight glow to the skin. Maybelline was in the running because it also has acne treatment and works quite well. I had to place it below the Garnier because I wouldn’t go bragging about this as much. It’s definitely nice to have though because it works well, with less coverage. Rimmel seemed a little cakey when applied and the color tends to be too orange for my skin tone. I do like the fact that it has sunscreen within the formula though. Now, Pacifica was my least favorite since it smelled not so nice and the skin match technology doesn’t seem to apply. It didn’t match to my skin and the formula separates so it needs to be mixed before putting on the face.
Thanks, xoxo

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