Yes, I’ve got a lot of rings! These are my favorite accessories and I’ll wear them almost everyday with my outfits. I sometimes like wearing bracelets and earrings but rings are my all time go to accessory. I have quite a collection from Forever 21 but unfortunately the silver and golds tarnish into a rose gold color. I even get compliments from people who think the rings are actually rose gold, so I keep wearing them since I think rose gold is pretty. I think rings are easy and fun to wear with any outfit. I recently found a few midi rings to try out and they are a bit annoying, but cute. I don’t plan on wearing midi rings much though since I don’t understand how they stay on your fingers, especially after I’ve already lost one haha.
turquoise bird ring- H&M
silver two banded ring- Target
turquoise diamond gold ring- Forever 21
turquoise round golden ring- Topshop
clear heart shaped ring- unknown (sisters hand me down ring)
Looks like I like my turquoise rings since I have quite a bit. I find that color to accent well with a lot of what I wear and is easy to match with things.
thanks, xoxo