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Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog, sorry I’ve been away for a week or two I’ve been on vacation visiting my boyfriend in California. Wow, it was lots of fun and I didn’t want to come home back to Utah to be quite honest. The weather is so nice there and I’m such a beach bum… I also love how the shopping centers have every store and are massive. I had my birthday while I was away and was fortunate to get such nice presents from everyone:) I wanted to show you the beauty bits I received from my boyfriend, his family, and my sister! So, keep on looking and I’ll show you:)

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The first product I got from my lovely sister is the Bite Beauty — Verbena lipstick. The other day, my sister and I were browsing through Sephora (one of our favorite stores) and came across this shade of lipstick that hadn’t been sampled yet. I find it disgusting sampling lipstick that has been used by a multitude of people. So, I grabbed it and thought it was actually kind of a nice different shade. But, once I put it on I was sold! It was beautiful! It reminded us both of like a supermodel lipstick that’s an everyday lip shade they use as their signature look. Why hadn’t anyone sampled it? My sister is amazing at remembering what people like and finding the perfect gift and she got me this! I enjoy having a couple nice lipsticks to have in my collection of lip products since it’s more of a mature woman type of makeup product or it’s more fancy. We both love the shade and can’t believe it since it’s a bit of a different color from what we normally wear with a hint of brown, orange, and red but comes out more pink toned.

I’ve been wanting this for the longest time… the Bobbi Brown — Long-wear even finish in shade Warm Beige 3.5 and hadn’t gotten around to buying it because I usually purchase drugstore foundations as I find it hard to find the perfect toned foundation unless I take time and sample a bunch at Sephora. I went with my boyfriends mom and sister and had a makeup artist find my shade. Easy peasy! As I have a bit of a tan (fake and real) I went for a more golden tone for the summer! Bobbi Brown is my makeup icon! I have actually read, yes read a couple of her makeup books to get tips and tricks from her and she is a genius at mastering the natural look. I love makeup artists who can use makeup to enhance natural beauty and not hide the whole face with loads of makeup. I chose the long wear foundation as I need something oil free that will last all day without smudging and moving. I admit, you can feel this a bit on your face but it’s not thick. The good thing is it is the most natural looking foundation I have ever used as it looks and feels like part of the skin. No joke, my brother and my boyfriend both couldn’t tell I was wearing foundation and said it looked good once I told them I was wearing it. Usually boys are pretty clueless, but that was a good observation! I can’t wait to buy more Bobbi Brown products as I get older and have a real job!

What?! The Abercrombie & Fitch perfume- Blushed literally smells so similar to my favorite perfume from Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue! I never bought the Dolce & Gabbana yet as I would consider it a definite splurge and wasn’t quite ready for that, but I might not buy it now. This smells almost just like it! I looooooove this perfume so much! My boyfriend got it for me as he noticed I loved it and sprayed it multiple times on me when sampling it at the store. I’m not the best at explaining scents, but it’s a light floral scent with a bit of something else. I hope it lasts forever since I will want to use it forever!

Birthday beauty products:

Bite Beauty — Verbena

Bobbi Brown — Long-wear even finish in shade Warm Beige 3.5

Abercrombie & Fitch perfume- Blushed

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Tell me what you want for your birthday? What’s the best present you’ve ever received? Beauty products?

Thanks, xoxo

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