What’s in my purse

Guys! I found the perfect purse for me and wanted to share with you what’s in my purse. These are the essentials that I add into my purse wherever I go! I’m a “less is more” person, so the smaller the bag, the better, as long as it fits all my essentials. I’m showing you my favorite bow purse and also feature a few more for you to shop and look at:) Hope you have fun!

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I was browsing through Target with my friends, when I came across this simple black crossbody with a cute bow detail and had to have it! I prefer something that is a classic piece and timeless, so black is always classy. I also like to have a small crossbody back so I don’t have to carry it around with my hands, but this has the option to do that too for a more formal look. For the more formal look, I would tuck in the long chain and stick with the smaller handles to carry it around. I love the detailing inside as it is still neutral with gray and then has polka dots inside with a few pockets and zipper pocket. It’s nice to stash your phone in the pocket and possibly a few lip products. I usually like to add a mini makeup bag that I got from Ipsy to keep things more organized.

As of products within my bag, I choose the essential beauty products that I prefer using the most often. I add a lotion in there as my hands tend to get dry and you never know when you’ll need lotion. I find that Bath & Body Works has a beautiful selection of scents and you’re bound to find one that suits you, lately I’ve been loving the Pomegranate one as it is sweet and to my liking. Whenever I add lip products, I keep one that is a chapstick or balm and then the other is a colored product. I will always love the lip crayons over anything else, especially the All Glossed Up hydrating lip stain from Hard Candy that you can find at your local drugstore. It tends to stay on all day and is hydrating and not matte. I’m currently obsessed with the organic lip balm in peppermint by Lasting Smiles since it’s nice to know the product is organic and does the job. I love the classic peppermint smell for a chapstick.

Lastly, I add hand sanitizer since you never know what you’ll touch and who might be sick or where all the bacteria is. I add a pack of gum into my purse if I want to freshen up my breath or give me something to chew on. Don’t forget my phone and wallet! Like I said, I stick to the color black with a lot of things and my wallet is a sparkly and sequined!

Hope this post inspired you to live a “less is more” lifestyle and helped you pick out your essentials! Comment below what you add in your purse!

Bow purse essentials 

Midnight Pomegranate lotion– Bath & Body Works

All glossed up hydrating lip stain– Hard Candy

Organic lip balm in peppermint- Lasting Smiles

Bow purse– Target (similar)

My phone & wallet

hand sanitizer & gum

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