boyfriend's plaid, plaid

Snow is snooooow fun! Haha… not very funny, well I tried. I’m not a big fan of snow even though it’s definitely nothing new to me since I’ve grown up with winter always including snow and the lovely cold. Blah! Anyways, my friend was so amazing to take pictures in the snow with me! Since snow is quite beautiful and creates a nice clean addition to a photo, we decided to battle the cold together and snap some photos. If you know us, we are quite artsy and love being creative even when it seems a bit crazy to be in the freezing cold. Whatever works! I wouldn’t suggest doing so, unless you’re a professional (jk, jk)… don’t forget to have some hot cocoa afterwards!

boyfriend's plaid, plaid

boyfriend's plaid, plaid, grunge look

boyfriend's plaid, plaid, grunge look

boyfriend's plaid, plaid, grunge look

boyfriend's plaid, plaid, grunge look

boyfriend's plaid, plaid











Ok, ok you don’t have to borrow your boyfriend’s plaid, you can borrow your brother’s oversized shirt or even your dad’s as long as they don’t mind! You don’t want to get into any trouble… that’s the last thing I would want at least haha. As my boyfriend is away visiting family, he let me borrow his plaid shirt to wear while he’s gone. Thank goodness, since I actually quite like to wear some of his clothes. I feel more comfortable wearing a mix of oversized with fitted clothing and obviously his clothes are more loose and relaxed, making it easy to add into my casual style. My friend also is wearing plaid and she rocks the look! We both love wearing flannel or black most days! I count both as my essentials to maintain my style within my wardrobe. It just wouldn’t be the same without any plaid or the color black in my closet. So, I thought I’d show you guys how my friend and I style our plaids and hope you get some inspo from our outfits! If you prefer wearing white or gray over black, go for it! Or if you favor a plain oversized button up then wear it! Just remember to use your creativity or find some inspiration around you and you’ll find an outfit that fits your personality.

What I’m clothed in… haha

black beanie- unknown (found it in my family’s collection of winter snow stuff!)

vegan leather studded jacket- Forever 21

gray plaid- my boyfriend’s closet:)

high-waisted black jeans- H&M

black tee- Forever 21

leather belted black ankle boots- Zara

Do you like wearing any of your friends or familys clothing? What’s your favorite piece that isn’t yours? A vintage jacket, some heels, anything? Leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks, xoxo

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