This is part 2 to the DREAM DENIM post! I found this building to be beautiful in a strange and damaged way. Call me artsy, but I like to find some of the ordinary things in life to be pretty or interesting. I don’t quite have the right words for it. Maybe it’s my curiosity on life. That’s one reason I enjoy fashion quite a bit because I feel that style can show a bit about a person with the way they dress. Not completely, since you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, but if someone’s wearing a baseball cap maybe it’s because they enjoy the sport?! Anyways, do you get my point?:) That’s why I’ve been trying to pick up photography and believe anyone can take photos, it just takes practice! You don’t need to be a professional to notice the subtle beauties of life, I mean it could help, but if you like the pics and they bring up good memories then I think that’s what matters. So here are my photos(with help from my bff) of my look of double denim and of the ancient looking architecture.
Denim button-up – Forever 21
Dark washed jeans – H&M
Chelsea Boots – Old Navy 
Watch – Target 
Rings – Forever 21
Thanks xoxo