Get the Bronzed Look

Want to learn how to use these 5 makeup products and create a look with them? Or have your own similar products, but need a step by step guide? You’ve come to the right place! Here, I review the Ipsy Glam Bag for spring and I help you achieve a bronzed look. Hope you have some fun! I’ve linked each product down below, simply click on the link of each descriped makeup product and it will take you to your destination.








Get the look from Ipsy’s Glam Bag:

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics- Heat Wave 

ModelCo Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss- Socialite

Evologie- Intensive Blemish Serum

IT Cosmetics- Bye Bye Eye Anti-Aging Concealer

OFRA Cosmetics- Green Go Eyeliner


Create a bronzed look:

Start by putting a thin layer of Evologie blemish serum all on the face after cleansing the face, or place on blemishes. Second, apply the IT Cosmetics concealer under the eyes and on spots. Next, use a bronzer brush and apply the Be A Bombshell Heat Wave bronzer in a 3 shape on the left side of your face (forhead, under cheekbones, and under jawline) and the same on the other side of face (backwards 3). Add a few layers depending on how glowing you want to be! Second to last, take the OFRA Cosmetics Green Go eyeliner and create a line as you would with any other eyeliner. You can do a winged look if you prefer to. Lastly, apply the ModelCo lip gloss in shade socialite. And you’re done! You’ve created a bronzed look with springy lips.  (If you’d like to see a video or tutorial by me on this look send me a message below!)


Review time:

The Be A Bombshell Cosmetics- Heat Wave  bronzer is a subtle bronzer that adds some glimmer onto the face where the sun hits if applied correctly. The consistency is compact into the case and can be built upon a brush a few times to add more dimension to the face. I really like the color to it as it isn’t too orangish for a bronzer and has a nice glow without being too apparent that I am wearing a bronzer. I like the subtleness to it!

ModelCo Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss- Socialite is one of my all time favorite lip products sent to me by IPSY. I’m not a huge fan of lipgloss, but I’m starting to like it more and more as I’ve been finding ones that suit my skin color and smell nice! This one is a beautiful shade of a light orangy-red color that is perfect for spring. I definitely think it looks great with the bronzed look and even with some golden eyes. It smells like strawberries and reminds me a bit of when you were a kid and you’d get a lipgloss and only like it for the scent or bright shade.

I’ve been in need of an acne saver for awhile, but haven’t been able to find anything that works. With the, Evologie- Intensive Blemish Serum I’ve been seeing a slight difference that prevents my breakouts from getting worse and prevents me from having as many breakouts. I still do have a few spots here and there, but that could be from stress or eating habit, etc. There are sooo many factors to acne, so it’s always hard to pin point the problem, but I felt that this serum felt really good on my face. I would try and apply it in the morning and night and it has a bit of a minty effect to it that’s refreshing! I looked into the brand and it appears that they only use natural ingredients so you aren’t damaging your face while trying to heal it.

The IT Cosmetics- Bye Bye Eye Anti-Aging Concealer wasn’t really for me. I applied it and found that it covered really well though! I just found it to be too oily for my skin type and I don’t think I need an anti-ager quite yet and heavy coverage. I prefer a lighter coverage, so I ended up giving the concealer to my mom who loves it! She instantly wanted it when she saw it and since I didn’t enjoy it, I gave it to her. If I don’t like a product, I will try and find someone who wants it instead of just throwing it away.

Now, the OFRA Cosmetics- Green Go Eyeliner is a bit out of my comfort zone when it comes to makeup shades. It’s a darker green, which might look nice against my eyes which are brown, green, and blue. But, as I tried it, it wasn’t quite my thing. I might try wearing it a few times and start to like it, but the shade isn’t for me. I like to stick to the neutral shades when it comes to eyeliner. I did like the consistency of the eyeliner and would definitely consider wearing a different color from the same brand!

Have you ever used bronzer? What brand do you like? Comment below:)

Thanks, xoxo

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