BROW WAX + TINT GIVEAWAY with Lucky Stars a beauty bar

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The giveaway is closed now! Congrats to the winners on my Instagram @casualcolie! Thanks to all those who participated!

I’ve teamed up with Emily who owns Lucky Stars, a beauty bar in Salt Lake, for a brow wax + tint giveaway to 2 of you lucky followers! This giveaway is only applicable for those in Utah, as Emily is a licensed esthetician based in Salt Lake, where her studio is (but don’t worry, I will have future giveaways for those outside of Utah soon, so keep a look out!).

Emily generously provided me my own brow wax + tint last week! I had such a great time, as she fixed up my brows that definitely needed more grooming. I haven’t had a brow wax in way too long, since I usually resort to plucking the strays. Luckily, she helped shape mine better by waxing and tinting them.

I love my brows and find that brows can help shape any face. I actually am a fan of thicker brows and try to keep mine as thick as possible without letting them look unruly! Brows are fun for me to do in my makeup routine, but at times I just want to let them be without filling them in. What’s nice about the brow tint is that the color attaches to the lighter brows so that all my brow hairs are showing! This lasts for up to six whole weeks! Love it! 

If you’re a bit cautious like I was about the waxing part, don’t worry! It didn’t hurt much at all to me. Although, I would suggest to those of you with sensitive skin like me, to apply aloe vera afterwards. Emily does spread on a type of moisturizer with aloe vera on it right afterwards. But for my sensitive skin, I wish I would’ve put on more aloe vera after too. My skin this week hasn’t been the best for multiple reasons, if you can tell from the photos. I don’t EVER retouch my photos because I believe in body positivity. But, I do change the colors as it is part of my artistic expression! Anyways, one of the reasons for my breakouts around my forehead could have been due to the waxing, since I mentioned my face is sensitive. If I would’ve used more aloe vera afterwards, I think it would’ve prevented this since aloe vera is known to be an anti-inflammatory and super soothing to the skin. Other reasons for my breakouts could be the change in my sleep patterns, hormones, and other factors that I don’t think I should go into as I’ll be going off topic! Haha! 

Emily was also fun to talk too! I felt right at home in her cute studio as she also played relaxing music. I really enjoyed this brow wax + tint experience and will definitely go back to her again in the near future! I love keeping my brows shaped and looking good! She did a wonderful job too and would definitely recommend her to anyone I know! 



Contact Emily Walbeck 

Feel free and ask her any questions you may have related to booking an appointment! She also does eyelash extensions! She’s super sweet! 

Instagram: Luckystarsbeautybar




brows, brow wax, brow tint, lucky stars beauty bar, giveaway

brows, brow wax, brow tint, lucky stars beauty bar, giveaway

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