Monochromatic summer

I’ve seen the button up skirt trend continue to thrive, so what better way than to wear it myself after finding one that fits my style. I know it’s the middle of summer and most of us are wearing colorful outfits and most of the summer I tend to follow that path, but I also have days where I enjoy wearing monochromatic shades for a classic, timeless look. See how I pair the button up skirt with my boho summer vibe while in the city…

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street style, bohemian, city style  street style, bohemian  street style, bohemian  street style, bohemian, city style
street style, bohemian, city style

Being in the small city of Salt Lake every now and again is nice, especially for some window shopping! This look fit perfectly with the city life as it’s a bit dressier than wearing my denim shorts, but still remains extremely wearable and functional during the heat of summer. I’m learning to mix this boho theme I’ve been adoring into my classic, casual style and did so with this outfit effortlessly! The top exudes boho vibes through the end of the sleeves being wider and free. I remember thinking last year when the bohemian style came in that I probably wouldn’t ever incorporate it into my look. But, gladly I’ve been challenging and trying new clothing pieces into my style and really like the boho look mixed with my casual style.

I find that the button up skirt is one of the easiest trends to wear! It is extremely versatile and can be worn with practically anything from a band tee to a floral top depending on what shade of a button up skirt you find. A denim or black denim button up skirt fits best in my wardrobe and can be easily paired with most of my tops that I own. I love the look of a tucked in shirt to accentuate the waist as the button up skirt stops there. I also really like how the skirt is a high waisted style as I prefer wearing high waisted shorts, skirts, and pants as it elongates legs.

I finished the look off with the espadrille trend as I have a pair of black ones that tie up and look darling with the skirt. I can’t seem to stop wearing these as they are my go to sandals for the summer. This look all together fits the bohemian style I was looking for while remaining classic by sticking to black and white pieces. So, don’t be afraid to try a new trend or style out there that you might’ve never thought of looking good on you since you might surprise yourself!

Seen on me:

black button up skirt — Forever 21

cream boho top — Forever 21 (similar)

black espadrilles — Old Navy (similar)

Photo cred: my good friend Katelyn; instagram @kateayers101

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