Collab: Ivy City Co grid button-up

Hello all! Hope you guys are enjoying the last week of May. I’m excited to say goodbye to May and hello to June, my birthday month! So, why not buy myself an early birthday gift? That’s exactly what I did! Oh, and I have a 15% discount code for you lovely people to the beautiful boutique, Ivy City Co. Scroll down and see how I styled their button-up grid white and black top and find the coupon code. I love the classic black and white look, but added the cobalt blue jacket since blue is my favorite color and it looks really good!
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I’ve been waiting to show you guys my pair of silver oxfords! I had an old pair that I still can’t get myself to throw away even though they’ve been in the rain too many times… But, I had to get myself a new pair as I just love the metallic trend. I was actually inspired by my boyfriends silver Diesel high-tops, which are more high end, but I really like the brand Zara as they cover a range of trends and somehow stay classic and minimalist. I literally could pair these oxfords with anything as they are metallics and you can treat them as neutrals.

Let’s talk about this Ivy City Co grid button-up top! I was surprised to see that the fabric is thicker and will last longer than the average tee. That’s exactly what I need especially since I’m not the best at taking good care of my clothes… you’ll find a stain somewhere or a hole (I’m a klutz). I like my shirts over-sized and so I bought mine in a medium and it fits how I like it! To carry on with my casual look, I unbuttoned a few on the top and left one unbuttoned on bottom to tuck it into my pants. Since the top is quite dressy, tucking it into my pants made it more casual for my style. Skinny black jeans never disappoint an outfit and keep me from appearing frumpy since the top is over-sized. That’s my rule: balance. If the top is baggy, wear a fitted pair of jeans or vice versa. I think that it balances everything out and makes things look more flattering and proportional.

Lastly, I added a cobalt blue leather jacket. This color is one of my all time favorite shades to include into a black and white outfit. If I want to stick to black, white, or gray for the majority of the outfit, I try to include this cobalt blue color or maroon sometimes because sometimes it makes the look more interesting. Adding more color into my looks is a progress as I transition from winter to summer. I tend to wear black and dark shades in the winter, like most but then my girlier side comes out in the summer where I wear floral and lace.

Thanks to Ivy City Co, here is the coupon code for 15% off: casualcolie

What I wore:

Ivy City Co- Grid Button-Up

Zara- silver sneakers
Shop my picks of button ups and silver oxfords…

Thanks, xoxo (photo cred to my good friend, Katelyn!)

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