Golden glow with sunless tanners

Want a summer tan, but don’t want to be in the sun all day, everyday? Save your skin and choose a self tanning lotion where all you need to do is mix it into your daily lotion routine and wallah, you’ve got a beautiful golden glow that appears to be natural. Ok, ok… sometimes it’s not that easy! Some tanners tend to be on the more orangy side making you appear like an umpa lumpa, but if you look at my suggestions you can luckily avoid that!

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Birthday beauty

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog, sorry I’ve been away for a week or two I’ve been on vacation visiting my boyfriend in California. Wow, it was lots of fun and I didn’t want to come home back to Utah to be quite honest. The weather is so nice there and I’m such a beach bum… I also love how the shopping centers have every store and are massive. I had my birthday while I was away and was fortunate to get such nice presents from everyone:) I wanted to show you the beauty bits I received from my boyfriend, his family, and my sister! So, keep on looking and I’ll show you:)
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All Gone: Lotion

It’s me again! Here’s another All Gone blog post about the lotions that I have used up this year and liked enough that I wanted to show you… And yes, most of them are coconut scented since it always reminds me of summer.

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All Gone: Mascara

It’s that time again where I review my used up products that I want to share with you as I quite enjoyed them and would rate them with a great score! You might be able to tell through the worn out packaging as I used up these products until they are all gone. So, see which one you’d like to add to your makeup bag…

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Pinch Me Unboxing: Garnier hair products & lotion ...

I’ve got a few new samples I’ve tried out from Pinch Me that I wanted to share with you! I reviewed them and they are worthy of my approval to be considered on my beauty favorites list or must have products. So here they are!  Keep reading “Pinch Me Unboxing: Garnier hair products & lotion review”

Spring Bloom Voxbox

Hi guys! I’m excited to show you all the samples I got from Influenster! I received these for testing purposes and always enjoy trying new things to add into my daily beauty routine. Sometimes I get a few random goodies to snack on as well:) So let’s get started on my review…

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The hair oil I use

I’m not the biggest fan of doing hair, the easier the better! I prefer a hair routine that is simple and fast. Most days, I only apply an anti-frizz cream or oil from roots to tips to tame my hair and I’m good to go. So, I’ve recently gotten these few hair oil products to try and I don’t want to live without them now! I’m so impressed with them:)

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What’s in my purse

Guys! I found the perfect purse for me and wanted to share with you what’s in my purse. These are the essentials that I add into my purse wherever I go! I’m a “less is more” person, so the smaller the bag, the better, as long as it fits all my essentials. I’m showing you my favorite bow purse and also feature a few more for you to shop and look at:) Hope you have fun!

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My coconut obsession

Hi there! Today’s blog post is obviously going to be about a few coconut products that I want to share with you:) I’m a bit obsessed with the smell of coconut as it is my favorite scent for any skincare and hair product. I recently purchased new shampoo and conditioner from a brand I have heard great things about since I wanted to try them for my own. Give them a look…

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My current face lotion

Hey guys! Long time, no see… jk, jk. I’ve been sampling quite a few new makeup and skincare products lately and wanted to share with you the #1 item I’ve been using in my current skincare routine. That is the Garnier Brightening & Smoothing Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15. Read on and I’ll give you more details:)

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