My all time favorite face powder is the bareMinerals Mineral Veil in brightening pearl. I find that this face powder works perfectly in keeping my every day makeup put in place for the day and prevents my face from shine. As my face tends to be on the oily side, I need to use a powder to set my makeup to reduce shine and use an oil free foundation. I have noticed that the dewy makeup look trends on and off, but I rarely ever rock that look due to the fact that I’d prefer my face not to look super shiny and then look greasy as if I just worked out. I definitely recommend this face powder for any of you who are in the same boat with me along with those who are looking for a lightweight setting powder after applying your makeup for the day. I also find on days where I only want to wear a minimal amount of makeup by touching up on hiding blemishes or enhancing eyelashes, using this powder as foundation along with a concealer for spots works incredibly well! If you prefer to wear powder foundation over liquid or creme foundation, this powder will last most of your day! There’s a slight sparkle to the makeup as well, which is kind of nice to prevent your face from looking drab and awakens your face a bit. I know that I look quite pale in the morning and can use a subtle amount of sparkle to brighten my skin tone and make me look more alive. I’m not a morning person… haha. I’ve also heard great things about bareMinerals from others and my mom and sister use it as well!

Thanks, xoxo

Use any powder you want to tell me about? What makeup do you prefer using in your every day makeup routine? Say hello down in the comments below!


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My last Ipsy bag is here and in a gorgeous bag! I love this scarlet red colored bag and want to bring it with me everywhere even though it probably doesn’t match with anything I own… oh wait, it matches black yay! I find these bags handy when I want to organize my purse a little and put in a few makeup products to touch up my makeup. Anyways, I have sampled these products over the past month and wanted to let you guys know what I thought about each! Ok, there were two that totally didn’t apply to me, which is odd considering how I filled out a questionnaire on Ipsy’s website on my hair type, skin type, etc. But, this is the only bag that I’ve gotten that doesn’t cater specifically to me. I’ve loved receiving products straight to my door from this website and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to try new beauty products and doesn’t know where to start! It’s especially nice how the bag contains small samples of products and it only costs 10 bucks a month. Ipsy mixes products that are well known to most and also other products not heard of from I am not told to say this either, this is my own opinion.




I thought I’d let you guys know how I clean my makeup brushes, since I didn’t know how to clean my own brushes until I browsed the internet to find what method works best. Luckily, I found the most inexpensive and easy way to clean my makeup brushes! If you’re like me, you also like to find the simplest way to do things. I don’t want to spend 20 or more on a makeup cleaner if I can find something more inexpensive that works just as good. Who knew that baby shampoo would work on makeup brushes too? I sure didn’t! But, it totally makes sense since the formula is sensitive and won’t ruin your brushes. I did give it a try as regular hair shampoo, but let’s leave that for the babies since my hair didn’t get any softer after using it.



I thought I’d do a video for this blog post! Let me know what you think in the comments below or on YouTube. The products featured are shown within this post as well as the details. Hope you enjoy!

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Feeling festive?! I sure am! I quite like this time of year like most since it is the time of year where we luckily have a break from school, work, distractions to spend more time with friends and family. But, I’m not gonna give a whole speech and sound all preachy on ya! Ok, ok I do want to inspire those or just simply give out ideas of what you might want to do during your past time… unless watching Netflix is your thing! You do you girl! But, why not paint your nails with your sisters or cousins and be the more festive you can be?! If you enjoy painting your nails as much as I do (I like to paint them quite a bit even though my nails sometimes look as if a child colored them in… no offense to kids haha), then you might enjoy this post on how I painted my nails for the holidays! Hope you enjoy! If you don’t, please feel free and comment down below on a blog post that you would like to see relating to style and beauty.
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Hi guys! I just wanted to show you my current favorite mascara and tell you why since I know some of you (and even me) sometimes struggle to find a mascara that stays put throughout the day and coats the lashes the way you want them. I’m pretty picky when it comes to mascara since most days I only use mascara on my eyes and do not have eyeshadow or liner to emphasize my eyes and want the mascara to do the exentuating. Luckily, I’ve got naturally long eyelashes so I usually can get away with a few swipes of mascara and look more awake if I curl them, but this mascara should work for anyone and you don’t need to worry about the length of your lashes. Thank goodness!  Keep reading “MY CURRENT FAVORITE MASCARA & LASH CURL TRICK”


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Have any of you struggled to find the right primer for either your budget, skin type, or lack of knowing which one has worked for others? Want to skip the test taking of sampling every primer you find in the local makeup store? I’ve got a few that I find work pretty good depending on the type you prefer! I’ve picked my favorite primer out of these 4 that tends to work the best for my skin tone and is budget friendly. Primers are nice to use if you plan on wearing your makeup throughout the day and don’t want to touch up on it or primers are nice to minimize pores and set in the makeup you put on for the day.  Keep reading “HOW TO CHOOSE A PRIMER”


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Fall Skincare

Peter Lamas naturals- exfoliating pumpkin facial scrub (for all skin types)

it cosmetics- Hello Lashes!

the Balm- Meet Matt(e) Hughes (long lasting liquid lipstick in shade Committed)

eva nyc- therapy session hair mask (with argan)

Emite Make Up- hair tweezers

The exfoliating pumpkin scrub smelled lovely since it smells of vanilla with a hint of a pumpkin scent. The scrub had little beads in it to exfoliate the skin and clean the skin. Now, the mascara by it cosmetics unfortunately isn’t added onto my favorites or essential list. But, luckily it does coat every lash! This mascara would work great for an everyday subtle makeup look. The liquid lipstick in the shade Committed matched my natural lip color and added a bit more vibrance while staying put. I’m not the biggest fan of matte, so I add a clear gloss over the lipstick to add some shine. This is a perfect color for everyday as well and can be paired with the mascara. With hair products, I always have a hard time falling in love with any of the products unless I see a drastic change or enjoy the smell, which is quite odd but true. So the therapy session hair mask smelled quite nice of vanilla and something I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but a really nice smell that lasted in my hair all day long. The only thing I wasn’t satisfied with was how it didn’t make my hair very soft afterwards, even with the argan oil within the formula. I was surprised to see tweezers in the mix, but I absolutely love these! Not only are they pretty cute, but they do the job to tweeze the brows.

fall, face, makeup, skincare, beauty

Octavio- Aceite de Argan (paraben free!)

Elizabeth Mott- Queen of the fill tinted brow gel (light medium)

treStique- mini (eyeshadow) crayon Nantucket Nude


Fab First Aid Beauty- Ultra Repair Cream

Attention! Haha… I fell in love with the Octavio argan oil for the hair! Yes, it’s true! I definitely recommend adding argan oil into your daily or even twice a week hair routine. It keeps my hair softer and healthier sincea argan oil is good for your hair and even skin. I now use the brow gel from Elizabeth Mott almost every day since I get a little lazy from filling my brows and love to just use a mascara type wand to coat my brows and fill them in. This shade is subtle and quite nice since I don’t usually want a bold brow unless I really feel like it. Shoot! I haven’t tried the color Nantucket Nude since I have another treStique that is quite nice and works well when you don’t want to use a makeup brush. I’m giving away the NYX IPSY since I already have quite a big palette from NYX that I like to use. But, the shades are perfect for a golden glam look. I find that the ultra repair cream is a great essential for hand lotion on the go. Fit it inside your bag whenever you’re on the go and you’ll have it for those dry hands during the winter time. I absolute recommend this hand cream!

Have you used any new products that you’d like me to sample? Recommend any that you like a lot? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks, xoxo


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Galaxy Makeup from IPSY!

This bag design has got to be one of my favorites from IPSY. Whenever I get a new IPSY bag, it reminds me of opening a present full of beauty products I haven’t sampled or used yet and I get excited. I remember when I was young, my siblings and I would get these surprise bags from a store (I don’t remember which one!) and they would be filled with little treats and toys. These surprise bags made me super excited since it was a mystery to what I would find inside and as a little kid, I would look forward to finding new things in the bag. Looks like not much has changed, I still have the curiosity to find what’s going to be inside these beauty bags. Now, I’ve sampled most of these products and want to letcha know what ones I like the most for ideas on what you might want to add to your makeup supply!



fall, face, makeup, skincare, beauty

fall, face, beauty, makeup, skincare

fall, face, makeup, beauty, skincare
fall, face, beauty, skincare, makeup
fall, face, makeup, beauty, skincare  fall, face, beauty, makeup, skincare
fall, face, beauty, makeup, skincare
fall, face, skincare, makeup, beauty

fall, face, beauty, skincare, makeup

Octavio- Aceite de Argan (paraben free!)

Elizabeth Mott- Queen of the fill tinted brow gel (light medium)

treStique- mini (eyeshadow) crayon Nantucket Nude


Fab First Aid Beauty- Ultra Repair Cream

I always look forward to receiving new products to try from IPSY! I call this bag the “Fall Face”, since the products within it remind me of fall products for this season. I love how the eyeshadows and brow gel can be paired together when creating a golden smoky eye! I’m glad there’s a lotion within the mix to sample because we all need a classic moisturizer in our routine for our skin. I’ve sampled some of the products, and already have a favorite one that I do not want to live without. Look out soon for the product review, where I’ll give you my opinion on each and which I found worked the best!

Thanks, xoxo