skincare, beauty, face, pumpkin

pumpkin, skincare, face, makeup

pumpkin, skincare, beauty, face

pumpkin, skincare, face  pumpkin, skincare, face   pumpkin, skincare, face

Peter Lamas naturals- exfoliating pumpkin facial scrub (for all skin types)

it cosmetics- Hello Lashes!

the Balm- Meet Matt(e) Hughes (long lasting liquid lipstick in shade Committed)

eva nyc- therapy session hair mask (with argan)

Emite Make Up- hair tweezers

I honestly am most excited to sample the facial scrub since it contains pumpkin! Haha! I’ve actually already dabbed into a few of the products and am quite impressed by one of them… but you’ll have to wait for another post:) I love trying new products that I’ve never heard about as well as receiving some brands I’ve heard good things about! I’m also excited to try the therapy hair mask since it claims to contain argan oil, which I find does wonders on my hair by making it extremely soft! I love the clever name given to the liquid lipstick and usually tend to favor the long lasting type of balms or lipstick.

Thanks, xoxo

Review will be coming soon!






Miraculously Smooth gel
Aussome Volume Hair Spray
Hair Insurance Heat Protecting Spray
Aussie is my go to for hair products! I have used it ever since I can remember. Every product smells incredible and seems to soften my locks. Once I pop out of the shower I spritz on the hair insurance to protect me from heat damage due to the blow dryer or straightener. I grab the miraculously smooth gel afterwards and apply it to the roots and tips of my hair to reduce frizz. Every once in awhile I will use the hairspray when I curl my hair. These hair products tend to leave my hair smelling lovely and feeling quite soft. Let me know what you guys think of their products! I’d love to hear from you! Just email me:)
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Time to do a summer makeup review of the products I received by IPSY! Here we go!
Tarte- Amazonian clay waterproof bronzer Park Ave Princess
This is the one of the best bronzers I’ve used for my skin tone. I use it almost everyday now! Can’t live without it.
Coolway- Beachy Salt Spray
Not a fan, but that’s cuz I don’t use sprays to try and get beachy hair… my hair is simply just straight or a lil wavy but never very curly.
Eau Thermale Avene- Cleanance gel soapless cleanser
Smells similar to dog wash… haha. But, I quite like it because it seems to do the job! Cleans my face well, but doesn’t take off all my mascara.
Jelly Pong Pong- 2-in-1 eyeliner & shadow
I like to use this as a thicker looking eyeliner or smudge it a little. This creates a soft eyeliner look rather than wearing black eyeliner almost every day.
Be a Bombshell lip balm- French Kiss
Not the best shade and doesn’t smell lovely and isn’t super soft like my lip balms I can’t live without. I’d say this is just an average type of balm.Thanks, xoxo






Dirty Works- That Fiji Feeling Coconut Body Butter
& Bling It On Shimmer Lotion
EOS- shave cream in Pomegranate Raspberry
Look what I’ve recently picked up! Like I already don’t have enough scented lotions to lather on myself… but I can’t avoid indulging myself in a nice new scent or a better find. I have never tried the Dirty Works brand and wanted to give it a go and I found out about EOS coming out with lotion and shaving cream not too long ago. Now, may I warn you that I absolutely love the body butter because it is just the right consistency to do its job. The lotion isn’t too thick or thin and glides on smoothly to create the perfect soft skin I need for the summer. Of course, I love the smell! I can’t ever get enough of that coconutty or pineapple, fruity type of smell that are the perfect summer skincare scents. The shimmer lotion, on the other hand has a strong scent that cannot be described… it’s growing on me, but I’d rather have it be more subtle. The shimmer is quite nice to enhance the slight tan I’ve gotten over the summer though! The only thing it smells close to baking powder… that’s the best I can explain. I mix it into the body butter and that definitely helps! What smells the best? The shave cream is AMAZING! I wish this came in a lotion too because I would wear it all the time! It does exactly what a shaving cream is bound to do, along with smelling fabulous!
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1 Garnier- BB Cream w/ salicylic acid acne treatment
2 Maybelline- Pure BB 8-in-1 beauty balm w/ 2% salicylic acid
3 Rimmel- BB Cream 9-in-1 w/ SPF 25 sunscreen
4 Pacific- Alight multi-mineral BB Cream all-in-one
I’ve tried my fair share of BB Creams to try and figure out which one works best for me. It’s actually harder than I thought to find one that works with my skin as well as having enough coverage without being a foundation. BB Creams are lighter weight formulas than foundations and are considered easier to apply especially for the hot summer months. I tend to have acne every now and again with my more oily skin so I look for one with acne treatment or an oil free version. The Garnier has both! I find this to be my favorite because it smells nice and applies easily without making my skin look too orange. It’s very lightweight, but if layered the bb cream covers my small blemishes. The only minus is that even though it is oil free, this doesn’t stay matte all day but leaves a slight glow to the skin. Maybelline was in the running because it also has acne treatment and works quite well. I had to place it below the Garnier because I wouldn’t go bragging about this as much. It’s definitely nice to have though because it works well, with less coverage. Rimmel seemed a little cakey when applied and the color tends to be too orange for my skin tone. I do like the fact that it has sunscreen within the formula though. Now, Pacifica was my least favorite since it smelled not so nice and the skin match technology doesn’t seem to apply. It didn’t match to my skin and the formula separates so it needs to be mixed before putting on the face.
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ELF- Eyebrow kit gel & powder
Anastasia- Brow powder duo
ELF- Wet Gloss Lash & Brow clear mascara
Maybelline- Brow Brush
Maybelline- Brow Drama brow mascara in soft brown
Here are the products that I use on my brows. These products are what I use for my basic brow routine. Now, I don’t use all of them at once, but rather trade off on the makeup look I do on that day. The easiest alternative would be to use eyeshadow powder in your eyebrow shade you prefer or by using one a few shades darker for light hair or a few shades lighter for dark hair. But, I’ve also found that ELF cosmetics is one of the most inexpensive and useful makeup products to use when it comes to brows. The eyebrow kit comes in a few shades and works when I am brunette. I find the gel to put all my brow hairs in place or I use the powder to shape my brows. I absolutely cant live without the ELF clear gel to tame these brows of mine. I don’t use it on my lashes, but use both sides for my brows after I apply powder. Another powder duo that I’ve heard lots of good reviews on is from the brand Anastasia. I use the lighter shade closer to my nose and the darker shade to arch my brows, which then prevents the brows from looking too dark and arched resulting in an angry looking face. Days when I want to make my brows more subtle I use the brow mascara by Maybelline. This is a colored gel that glides easily on the brows when applied a few times over. I would recommend this for first time brow beginners because it’s nice and easy and basically fool proof.

Thanks, xoxo







Need some skin beauty inspiration? I know I do sometimes, especially when it comes to having soft and clear skin or shiny hair. So here’s a list of some bath skin essentials. I’ve come across a few products I’d like to share with you all. Hope they do wonders for you as well!
Eucerin– face lotion spf 30
I use this every morning after the shower to prevent my face from burning from the sun and to prevent future skin damage. I’ve read and heard about having a basic sunscreen lotion to use on the face daily to save your face from the sun even if you stay inside most of the day, it still helps.
Clearasil– Refreshing Superfruit Toner
Honestly had a hard time understanding why I’d want to use a toner and not an all in one cleanser. But, this one has almost everything you need. It washes off your makeup along with cleaning your face and preventing acne. A plus is it smells lovely!
Up & Up (Target)– Smoothing Shaving Gel with Soy
I’ve never held onto any shaving creams or gels before because I usually just use soap. But, now that has changed because most days I use this to prevent scrapes and razor burns or bumps. It’s quite nice having a gel that foams and smells quite relaxing and soothing. This is so inexpensive and useful that I’m sure to be buying this again.
Pantene– Smooth & Sleek w/ Argan Oil
I rarely ever used Pantene, but out of the blue I decided to give this a try. I’ve seen a lot of Argan Oil in many beauty products lately because of it’s nice effects on the hair and even skin. I was surprised because this conditioner left my hair soft and smooth and shiny! It’s rare I find a shampoo or conditioner that i want to rave about, but this one is it!
Eco-Beauty– Day Moisturizer
I didn’t think much of this until I gave it a try. I read the back to see what was in the product and it is amazing to see such few ingredients and natural. I totally support brands that try to go all natural with their products and avoid harsh chemicals. I use this moisturizer before bed after I wash my face and need some soothing. It smells like flowers and definitely smells healthy, if that counts for something!
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It’s my birthday month… which I’ve probably mentioned before since this is one of my favorite months as well. So, I keep receiving deals for celebrating and found a birthday coupon from NYX. I was surprised to see that NYX cosmetics are now in Target stores because I’d always wanted to try their products without having to go somewhere else. But, I ordered these online for the coupon, or else I would’ve bought some at Target. I can guarantee that I’ll be buying more from them soon though, especially the blushes. I have started to use the products already and am happy to say they are amazing for such a low price. I have wanted to try a contour stick for quite awhile and I think I’ll be using this about every day. The blush tends to work amazing with my skin and lasts all day. I’ll do an overall review of all the products soon after using them. Wahoo!
NYX Haul


Powder Blush- Mocha
B16- Eye Shadow Brush for Contouring
Setting Spray- Matte Finish long lasting
Wonder Stick- Highlight and Contour in light/medium
9 Color Shadow Palette- Love in Paris- Merci Beaucoup
I mainly like the Mocha blush, Wonder stick, and shadow pallette since they incorporate well into my regular makeup routine. I like having a powder blush over a cream blush since my skin tends to be on the oily side. Even though the wonder stick is cream I still find that it does a good job of contouring my face. The palette has beautiful natural colors that aren’t too vibrant for me and blend beautifully!
Thanks, xoxo