Choker syndrome: spring trend 2016

I don’t have a choker of my own… well, not since the 90’s but this style is coming back and I kind of like it! I will be browsing stores next time I go shopping for one since I think they are kind of fun! They remind  me of when I was little and wore the loop ones like the one in the photo by Asos. But, now I can style it will actually look good (as I didn’t have a sense of style as a kid). I would probably wear them with high waisted shorts and a crop top or striped tee or something from Brandy Melville for a California vibe. So, here is my collage of chokers that I found to be to my taste! Hope you like them! And, you can shop them down below or click on the picture of your choice.

Elle Choker + Chain Necklace Set • $19.99
Factory Chain Starts With You Choker • $25
FOREVER 21 sunburst charm choker • Forever 21 • $5.90
Factory Suzywan Deluxe Black Rose Crochet Choker • $28
ASOS COLLECTION ASOS ’90s Tattoo Choker Necklace • Asos • $6.50
Vanessa Mooney Velvet Choker • Vanessa Mooney • $28
Ettika Woven Leather Choker • Ettika • $50
Ettika Punk Pony Leather & Chain Choker • Ettika • $40
Vanessa Mooney Gold Diamond Wrap Choker • Vanessa Mooney • $41

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