My coconut obsession

Hi there! Today’s blog post is obviously going to be about a few coconut products that I want to share with you:) I’m a bit obsessed with the smell of coconut as it is my favorite scent for any skincare and hair product. I recently purchased new shampoo and conditioner from a brand I have heard great things about since I wanted to try them for my own. Give them a look…

coconut, hair, skincare

coconut, hair, skincare

I had to try the coconut water conditioner by OGX since I had heard about the other coconut combo from the same brand and wanted to see if they are worth the craze. Yes, yes I do quite like them:) I would use shampoo first, but this conditioner smells heavenly! The only problem is, I run out of the conditioner faster than the shampoo every single time I use my hair products. I tend to lather up on conditioner so that my strands can be moisturized. That’s the nice thing about coconut, it does just that. It moisturizes everything, from hair to skin. It’s such a versatile fruit! So, why not use it where you can? Especially if you love the smell as much as I do. Why do I like the scent? It reminds me of the beach and vacations and summer of course! Some sunscreen has a similar scent, and so coconut always reminds me of trips I have had going to the beach and getting a tan. I love it!

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The coconut water shampoo is probably my favorite out of the shampoo and conditioner. Usually it’s the conditioner, but I find the shampoo does the trick and smells amazing! It’s such a cool texture when you squirt it out on your hands and looks like jelly water. Be careful not to drop it on the floor, it reminds me of the movie Flubber. Ok, ok, I’m getting side tracked, the nice thing about this shampoo and conditioner is that there are less ingredients in it producing a more natural product. I always prefer products that only contain the essentials to get the job done, while leaving out the unhealthy and potentially harming chemicals.

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Oh my gosh! The coconut body butter from Trader Joe’s is incredible. Yes! It really is! I’d never been to Trader Joe’s and don’t know much about it other than they might be somewhat similar to Whole Foods by providing more organic and natural products. I got this as a gift, and haven’t been able to put it away for good. I use it almost every single night before bed by applying it to my hands to give my hands enough moisturizing. I love how this product smells great and is a perfect texture to help those dry hands and body parts, while also remaining all natural. The list of ingredients is very detailed reducing any confusion of what each ingredient is. I absolutely love when the descriptions are detailed because I am not left questioning what is really in my skincare. It may seem like a long list, but once viewed you will realize most of it is through fruit products and natural ingredients.

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So, are you curious to what they will smell like? Want to try them for yourself? I definitely recommend these products! And trust me, this isn’t an advertisement. These opinions are my own and I wanted to share them with you to make your beauty routine easier and faster and definitely simpler. Less is more.

Coconut Products

coconut water shampoo– OGX

coconut water conditioner– OGX

coconut body butter– Trader Joe’s
Looking for more coconut products? Look no further…

What scent is your favorite? Please comment below:) Would love to hear from you!

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