Sneaker Status

Lately I’ve wanted to pursue a more creative shoe style by buying some that have a few differences by preventing them from being bland. Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs a pair of neutral shoes to wear with an eclectic outfit, but most of the time I want my shoes to be the eclectic ones! I’ve also grown up wearing mainly neutral colored shoes and just recently have wanted to venture out a little more with my style starting with shoes.

D.A.T.E. hightops, sneakers, hightops  D.A.T.E. hightops, hightops, sneakers
img_0422  D.A.T.E. hightops, sneakers, hightops  img_0455  img_0460

Sneaker status look:

Denim dress- H&M

Maroon jacket- H&M

Lace up high tops- D.A.T.E. sneakers

Hi guys! It’s been awhile and I hope you all are doing good! The look I was going for, for this day was a casual look without wearing jeans and instead wearing denim in the form of a dress. I’m not the biggest dress wearer, but try to incorporate them into my everyday style and a denim dress does just that! I’ve been wearing my D.A.T.E. high top sneakers on repeat lately as they are the comfiest shoes I’ve EVER owned. No joke, they have the best cushion to them inside and feel close to what I’d imagine as walking on air. I actually found these sneakers one day browsing online at a website that was new to me called and stumbled upon these unique sneaks. I’m pretty positive I will shop on there for more of the same brand or venture out and find new brands, but I’m extremely happy with these. They are my all time favorite sneakers I’ve ever owned and I’d purchase more any day over Converse or Vans. Why? EVERYONE seems to have Converse or Vans (I have a pair of Converse and besides wearing them for a classic look, they aren’t comfortable to me at all) and I want shoes that stand out a bit and are different from what every middle school, high school, and college student is wearing these days. I’m not saying anything is wrong with those brands, they are classic or skater brands, BUT most of the time I prefer wearing shoes that are unique to me apart from the majority.

Ok, now let me get back to the outfit as I described to you a little too long about my shoe preferences. Whoops! Now, I had a button up denim dress (still somehow in my closet hiding as I can’t seem to get rid of it) that I quite liked incorporating into my casual style, but it’s gotten a bit old so I started searching for a new one. I sometimes spend a little too long on the internet looking for just the right piece of clothing to add into my wardrobe and that’s exactly what happened when searching for a new denim dress. Luckily, I found one and even tried it on in the store and was still undecided for awhile. I took my time to think about whether or not this was the denim dress I wanted and of course, as you can tell it became my new denim dress!

The denim dress is from H&M  and was made from their conscious collection where they make the collection with what I think is supposed to be more environmental friendly fabric. The dress is made of a material that is made from I think bamboo, which is quite cool! I read all about it when I purchased the dress and thought it was nice to know more about the quality and dress composition. This dress is pretty soft too and the perfect length, but the only thing I’m getting used to is the massive arm openings. I think they were made like that as to make it easier to put on the dress since there isn’t any zipper. I wore a maroon jacket with it and tied it around my waist to emphasize my figure instead of hide it. Whenever you tie something around your waist, that’s usually the point, to flatter your figure. I couldn’t go without wearing my high tops with this outfit even though the combo isn’t the most common, but I don’t care since I thought it looked great! The dress prevents the look from being too tomboyish for me and keeps it casual.

I thought I’d add a few random nature photos that I took on the same day I was wearing the outfit as I was at a fun festival in Midway, UT called Swiss Days. I had taken my camera along with me for multiple purposes such as for a class, to document the day, and to show you guys my outfit. Hope you enjoyed the look! Comment below with some positive words:)

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Thanks, xoxo


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