This way to Smoother Skin: Dermalogica Collaboration

You heard me right, look this way for smoother, softer skin! Have you ever been on the search for a skincare product that exfoliates AND helps keep your skin on your face healthy? Luckily, I’ve found one of those products when Dermalogica let me try their brand new product called the Daily Superfoliant! I was a bit skeptical at first about this product as I’d never thought of using a skincare product to help prevent the damaging side effects of pollution. But, after using this for awhile I’ve found that it is quite satisfying knowing that I am on my way to protecting my face from environmental factors that age my skin and cause it to be unhealthy. Read on to hear more and about a special discount for you! 

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Dermalogica product:

Daily Superfoliant 


The Daily Superfoliant by Dermalogica comes in a gray, powder form that is used as a daily exfoliant to help work against negative side effects caused by our environment, such as air pollution. When I first used the product, I followed the simple instructions using only half a teaspoon to mix with water in your hands and create a foam-like feel that you apply in circles on your face for about a minute. I noticed there is a slight smell similar to pepper, but it isn’t strong! It’s quite satisfying applying it on the face as you can tell afterwards that it does the job. My skin is softer after using it, just what an exfoliator should do. But, I have to put more lotion on my face to prevent drying, so don’t forget that if you use this product. As I have more sensitive skin, I used the Daily Superfoliant about every other day instead of every day. This way, I wasn’t over-drying my skin and over exfoliating. 

I’m so glad I got the chance to try this product out as I’ve wanted to add a face exfoliant into my beauty routine in order for the skin on my face to feel and be more healthy. My face is soft after I use this product and it keeps it from having lots of dead skin cells on my face… yuck! I will continue to use this every other day to leave my skin feeling good, as well as using e.l.f.’s Hydrating Bubble Mask about once a week since it also leaves my face feeling OH. SO. GOOD.! I love how I’ve been finding amazing skincare products as I’ve always wanted to find a nice routine to keep the skin on my face feeling soft and healthy.

Feel free and give the Daily Superfoliant a try if you think you need a new exfoliant that really helps your skin! Also, it’s knowing that there is Niacinamide, Red Algae, and Tara Fruit Extract to help fight against the side effects of bad air quality. And I love how this product doesn’t contain parabens and artificial fragrances as I’ve been trying to find more products with less chemicals. New Year, better skin!

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What are some of your must-have skincare products? Comment below! 

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