DIY Levi shorts

Hello July! Thank goodness for Swig Raspberry Dream soda’s and shaved ice for this hot summer! Hope you guys are enjoying your summer and making the best of it! I’ve been wanting to show you guys my DIY Levi shorts for quite a while as I love how easy it is and inexpensive to make them. Don’t get me wrong, a nice new pair of shorts is great too, but there’s something cool about owning a pair of vintage Levi’s. Keep looking to find out how I made mine…

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I’ve got a collection of jean shorts that I can’t seem to get rid of as I find myself wearing them quite often throughout the summer, sometimes with a plain tee and other times with a dressy top for the casual look I usually go for. I keep seeing in the media how people have made their own shorts and I realized how simple it is. So, I thought why not make my own high waisted shorts and show you guys too?! Lately, I’ve been into wearing more classic brands such as Levi’s and love the vintage styled high waisted look right now so that’s exactly what I created by using a pair of the 550 Relaxed Fit Levis.

I paired my classic Levis with a plain white tee for a crisp, clean, and casual look as this summer I have had some free time to have some fun! I went to see a movie with my friend, who took these amazing photos:) I also added a choker, as I’ve been wanting to jump onto this trend for awhile and finally found a few that I like. This black choker is my new addition to any outfit that needs a bit of a 90’s grunge feel to it! Don’t forget the high top sneakers, as mine are floral black and white to prevent this look from being just blah. I’ve always been a high tops kind of girl and would choose them over any pair of shoes, any day! If you’d ask me whether I’d wear sneakers or heels, I’d say sneakers all the way! Except for on special occasions of course. There’s something about a pair of high tops that exudes a type of relaxed, cool factor.

DIY Levi Shorts instructions:

1- browse around your local thrift store for a pair of Levi pants in your size

2- once home, measure with a ruler how long you want them to be depending on if they are high waisted like mine (I actually left quite a bit of length to them in order to cover my butt haha)

3- draw with a pencil a line to cut them straight across or even a bit curved across and cut with scissors

4- lastly, to get the fringed look, use a sewing picker to pull at the ends to create fringe

5- Lastly, put them on!


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Thanks, xoxo

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