I’ve got the perfect outfit to wear for New Year’s Eve that I wanted to show you since I won’t be wearing it because my love is away for the holidays. I would definitely wear this if I was out with him for New Years though! So, I thought I’d give you an example of what you could wear out while celebrating and hope you get inspired and recreate your own look that works best for you!






As you may have noticed, I gravitate towards more chromatic or colorless outfits and like to add a few colors in with accessories. This doesn’t happen all the time, but on most occasions I find that black is just classic. And for the new year I want to wear something that looks classy and mature. I’m not a fan of the over gaudy, animal printed patterns and overdone looks since my motto with style and life itself is “less is more.” You don’t want to look as if you tried too hard to look good, it should look effortless. You simply can add a few accessories or pair a few pieces, one being a basic and the other more ambitious or… there are many options! Remember, your wardrobe should reflect a bit of your personality and it should be fun! It shouldn’t be a struggle to find something to coordinate with another piece because your wardrobe consists of all eclectic pieces. You will be seeing more outfits in the future from me that pursue this effortless, relaxed look. I have been trying to master it and want you to join me along the way. So, this look tends to reflect my style besides the fact that the top is actually white (my least favorite on my skin tone). But, I decided to give it a go since I liked how the shirt was part cotton and part sheer fabric, mixing the casual with the dressy! And I couldn’t resist purchasing this top especially since the collar had some fun embellishments. It’s about the little details, not the over embellished dress for a night out like this. Now, if I was going to the Grammy’s then yes I would wear something more bold and sexy! But, that’s for another time… You can’t go wrong with a pair of black skinnies since these match almost every top. Yes, these jeans will match any top from my closet to yours! The black skinnies with the black heels create a line that makes you look leaner and taller. Now, if you’re going out dancing than of course I’d suggest taking the heels off or wearing a pair of flats. But, if you feel like dressing the outfit up then heels all the way! I wanted to add some color to the outfit in order to stand out a bit or to prevent the look from appearing bland or dull so I found my current favorite lip gloss shade in a berry color to add to your lips. Bam! There’s a lovely outfit for the new year!


Where are these lovely pieces from?…

white embellished button up- H&M

black skinnies- H&M

black heels- Target

lipgloss- shade in Merlot by HIKARI

By the way, have any fun plans for celebrating? Let me know how you recreate this look! Don’t be shy, feel free and leave a comment below even just to say hello!

Thanks, xoxo

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