Eye Treatment Try On: Dermalogica Collab

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Stress Positive Eye Lift 

“• brightens with Wild Indigo Seed actives to help reduce the appearance of dark circles
• lifts with Fermented Yeast and a unique Hyaluronic Acid blend • de-puffs with Sea Water Extract and Arctic Algae” — quote from Dermalogica 

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Hello! I’ve partnered up with Dermalogica again for their new eye treatment product! I received this product for testing purposes and will give you my honest opinion, as always. When I got this eye treatment, I instantly tried adding it into my daily routine by applying it at night. I love knowing that the ingredients list is small and there are natural ingredients in it, but not all the ingredients are the best. As I went on EWG’s website  to check the status of Dermalogica’s ingredients, some are really good while there are a few to be aware of. As you may already know, I have been trying to slowly transition some of my beauty products to be more natural and healthy. So lately I’ve been checking labels and being more aware of what I’m putting on my skin. Keep this in mind if you are using any new products. 

So, I thought that this eye treatment was pretty nice along the lines of not having an extremely long ingredients list, but I don’t think that helped as I may be allergic to something in it. This is just a reaction I had, but doesn’t mean you will. It didn’t break me out, it just made my under eye a bit more puffy and my eyes watered. These reactions could have occurred from something else though as there were other factors around me such as my allergies during springtime, so it isn’t 100%. The feeling was nice when I applied it and barely feels like anything, sometimes a slight burning every now and again after I removed my makeup. Instead of steering clear of anything from Dermalogica, try things if you want to because I absolutely love their Daily Superfoliant I last received. I use it nearly every time I shower as I find it works great for my oily skin type. It’s a soft exfoliant that can be used everyday! See more about my review on it here, This Way to Smoother Skin .

I still think highly of Dermalogica as I know they have been in the skincare game for a long time and know what’s best when it comes to skincare. I was grateful that they chose me to review their product as I loved the last one I received! I will honestly keep trying it to see if my skin still reacts the same or if it was a different product, as I think it’s great to add an eye treatment when you are young to prevent aging to an extent. Another thing about the product, it is on the pricier side. So if you do your research, think about whether or not it’s worth the investment and is vital to your skincare regime. Luckily, I’ve got a discount code for you! 

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