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Fall Skincare

Peter Lamas naturals- exfoliating pumpkin facial scrub (for all skin types)

it cosmetics- Hello Lashes!

the Balm- Meet Matt(e) Hughes (long lasting liquid lipstick in shade Committed)

eva nyc- therapy session hair mask (with argan)

Emite Make Up- hair tweezers

The exfoliating pumpkin scrub smelled lovely since it smells of vanilla with a hint of a pumpkin scent. The scrub had little beads in it to exfoliate the skin and clean the skin. Now, the mascara by it cosmetics unfortunately isn’t added onto my favorites or essential list. But, luckily it does coat every lash! This mascara would work great for an everyday subtle makeup look. The liquid lipstick in the shade Committed matched my natural lip color and added a bit more vibrance while staying put. I’m not the biggest fan of matte, so I add a clear gloss over the lipstick to add some shine. This is a perfect color for everyday as well and can be paired with the mascara. With hair products, I always have a hard time falling in love with any of the products unless I see a drastic change or enjoy the smell, which is quite odd but true. So the therapy session hair mask smelled quite nice of vanilla and something I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but a really nice smell that lasted in my hair all day long. The only thing I wasn’t satisfied with was how it didn’t make my hair very soft afterwards, even with the argan oil within the formula. I was surprised to see tweezers in the mix, but I absolutely love these! Not only are they pretty cute, but they do the job to tweeze the brows.

fall, face, makeup, skincare, beauty

Octavio- Aceite de Argan (paraben free!)

Elizabeth Mott- Queen of the fill tinted brow gel (light medium)

treStique- mini (eyeshadow) crayon Nantucket Nude


Fab First Aid Beauty- Ultra Repair Cream

Attention! Haha… I fell in love with the Octavio argan oil for the hair! Yes, it’s true! I definitely recommend adding argan oil into your daily or even twice a week hair routine. It keeps my hair softer and healthier sincea argan oil is good for your hair and even skin. I now use the brow gel from Elizabeth Mott almost every day since I get a little lazy from filling my brows and love to just use a mascara type wand to coat my brows and fill them in. This shade is subtle and quite nice since I don’t usually want a bold brow unless I really feel like it. Shoot! I haven’t tried the color Nantucket Nude since I have another treStique that is quite nice and works well when you don’t want to use a makeup brush. I’m giving away the NYX IPSY since I already have quite a big palette from NYX that I like to use. But, the shades are perfect for a golden glam look. I find that the ultra repair cream is a great essential for hand lotion on the go. Fit it inside your bag whenever you’re on the go and you’ll have it for those dry hands during the winter time. I absolute recommend this hand cream!

Have you used any new products that you’d like me to sample? Recommend any that you like a lot? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks, xoxo

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