Yay! I’ve got my first package of goodies from Influenster! I honestly was surprised by the amount of products I got as well as the quality! Ok ok, who doesn’t want a few treats included? And don’t forget the lovely products I sampled to let you know what I think about them and if they are worth using.

goodies, blue, face wash, skincare, treats, nails
goodies, blue, face wash, skincare, beauty
goodies, face wash, skincare, beauty, blue goodies, blue, treats, face wash, skincare    goodies, treats, blue, face wash, skincare, beauty
goodies, blue, treats, skincare, face wash  goodies, treats, blue, skincare, face wash, nails

(I received these products from Influenster to sample)

Kettle brand potato chips- pepperoncini

Red vines- original red

Olay active botanicals- refreshing gel cleanser

Ludens throat drops- blue raspberry

Sinful Shine nail polish

I didn’t know what to expect with the flavor of the Kettle chips, but I shared them among my family and we all loved them! I’m honestly telling you they are dang good! I actually am curious where I can find them since I haven’t seen this flavor before. Then, of course I like red vines licorice! They give me nostalgia on going camping in the summer with friends and family a couple of years back since we snacked on them all the time. Ludens throat drops in blue raspberry are now officially my favorite flavor of throat lozenges I’ve ever tasted! They taste just like candy… at least that’ll be something odd to look forward to when I get a cold. Now, the Olay gel cleanser has grown on me. At first it smelled to me like olden day soap, but then I noticed how soft it was on cleaning my skin and I quite like it. I wouldn’t be too ecstatic about it since it hasn’t cleared up my skin at all, but it’s a nice gentle cleanser that apparently has some natural ingredients in it. I would prefer to use more natural cleansers on my face, than others so that’s the perk. The Sinful Shine nail polish tends to work pretty dang well! Usually with any nail polish, my nails chip within the next couple of days, but this one seemed to last a bit longer due to the second clear coat to keep it in place. I’m not the biggest fan of silver, and tend to like gold so this shade wasn’t my all time favorite. But, this nail polish has worked the best on my nails compared to any other brand I’ve ever used. So check them out:)

Thanks, xoxo

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