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Galaxy Makeup from IPSY!

This bag design has got to be one of my favorites from IPSY. Whenever I get a new IPSY bag, it reminds me of opening a present full of beauty products I haven’t sampled or used yet and I get excited. I remember when I was young, my siblings and I would get these surprise bags from a store (I don’t remember which one!) and they would be filled with little treats and toys. These surprise bags made me super excited since it was a mystery to what I would find inside and as a little kid, I would look forward to finding new things in the bag. Looks like not much has changed, I still have the curiosity to find what’s going to be inside these beauty bags. Now, I’ve sampled most of these products and want to letcha know what ones I like the most for ideas on what you might want to add to your makeup supply!

galaxy, makeup, skincaregalaxy, makeup, skincaregalaxy, makeup, skincaregalaxy, makeup, skincaregalaxy, makeup, skincaregalaxy, makeup, skincaregalaxy, makeup, skincare

Model co- highlighting trio (champagne, peach, bellini and bronze)

Absolute New York- nano liner in black (water-resistant)

Tucker Ashley- perfecting moisturizer

Smashbox- full exposure mascara

Sigma- (E25) blending mini brush

I was most excited to see the highlighting trio since I’d like to incorporate a bit of highlighting and contour into my daily routine and it’s nice to have all in one including blush creme. I’ve tried this a few times and only need to blend it and keep blending it to look more natural and less blunt, but the colors are gorgeous! The Absolute New York eyeliner is the thinnest liner pen I have ever seen! That’s a good thing when you prefer to put a thin line along your lashes, which I tend to do most unless I’m feeling like doing a winged liner. When doing a winged look, I like a thicker liner pen in order to create a more classic winged look. Now, the perfecting moisturizer feels quite light and nice on the skin and doesn’t smell overpowering. I love receiving Smashbox makeup and was glad to see that I got a mascara from them called the full exposure mascara. I find that this mascara is a classic kind that can be used if you like having a black mascara that coats your lashes, but doesn’t overdue it. I didn’t use the Sigma blending brush since I gave it to my mom to use because I don’t need any more brushes and she could use a few more. Alright, so that it for this month’s IPSy bag!

Thanks xoxo

Let me know if you’ve ever tried these makeup products before and what you think of them? Recommend any new products that haven’t been featured in my blog yet? I’d love to hear from you!


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