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Girl Friend Christmas Gift Guide

Looking for a few last minute gifts for your girl friends for Christmas? Don’t want to spend over $25 bucks? I’ve gathered a few things that I found to work perfectly with this gift giving time of year since they are easy to find and inexpensive. Here are some ideas/inspiration to make it a little easier finding a present for your best friend or girl friends. Hope you enjoy!

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small black crossbody purse- Steve Madden

London notebook- unknown

eyeshadow palette- ipsy NYX

I found this mini purse that fits the essentials (wallet, phone, chapstick) from TJMaxx on a discount! Browse around your local discount stores and you’re bound to find something similar since a black purse is classic. For the friend who likes to make lists (I’m one of those…), a cute notebook that reminds you of them would put a smile on their face! You could even write a little note on the first page to them. I find that a brownish gold eyeshadow flatters everyone, so an eyeshadow palette would be nice for the friend who likes doing their makeup or even for any friend since this palette can be used any day or for any occasion.

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nailpolish- OPI

chapstick- Blistex Lip Vibrance

lasting finish matte lipstick- Rimmel (Kate Moss collection)

Think of the friend who changes their nail polish about every week! She’ll love a few new shades to add to her collection, I know I do! Wearing red is definitely festive during this time of year. You can’t go wrong with giving your friend or friends chapstick. I recommend this Blistex one since it slightly tints your lips with a bit of shimmer while moisturizing them, which is quite nice! Or, I haven’t met someone who doesn’t like those EOS chapsticks too. Have a friend who loves experimenting with different lip colors? I sure do! I especially love trying the Rimmel lipsticks since they are inexpensive and have beautiful wearable shades.

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fragrance roller- Poppy by Coach

I have friends who love to smell my perfume collection and sample them. Do you have any who ask what scent you’re wearing? That’s a clue to find them a fragrance similar to the one you are wearing! You can find many roller fragrance sticks at Sephora and makeup stores.

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fuzzy socks- xhilaration Target

earbuds- Skull Candy

Now, if you have a friend who isn’t into the whole makeup scene, you cant go wrong with buying a pair of fuzzy comfy socks for them! I always love having a pair for the cold season either to wear around the house and sit by the fire or to sleep in them to keep me warm. They also come in fun colors and patterns! There’s always the friend who constantly updates you on the latest music (I’m that friend) and could use another set of earbuds/headphones. I tend to almost always grab the Skull Candy ones in the colors I like- blue and black. Find a small box and waaalaaa! You are done! I hope these ideas helped you out!

Want to see another gift guide for guys or the fam? Stocking stuffers under $5? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks, xoxo

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