HM Conscious Skincare Review


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HM Conscious Skincare Items I tried:

Hand Cream in White Tea & Peppermint 

All Over Balm 

Body Scrub 

Hi guys! I’ve been waiting to share with you guys the products I tried out from the HM skincare line. Many of you may already know how H&M has a fashion line called Conscious, as well as having a skincare line under similar guidelines. The skincare line tries to incorporate better ingredients, without harsh chemicals and fragrance. I am quite surprised by such a fast fashion brand since it goes against what they tend to stand for, but it’s a great step towards changing their brand to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. 

I care about this topic as I find that consumerism (fast fashion, etc) can prevent us from living life to the fullest and is quite damaging to the environment and our health. That’s why I am trying to transition not only my clothing items to be more sustainable, but also my skincare. I find that if I’m using more beauty products that contain less ingredients, I can benefit from not applying as many harmful chemicals on my body. This way, I can take better care of myself and be more conscious of the products I am buying and using. I think it’s a great way to understand how to live a simpler and healthier life.

Enough with my babbling! I’ll start by reviewing the first item which is the Hand Cream in White Tea & Peppermint. As always, the scents of more natural products tend to be something I have to get used to as I’m so accustomed to fragrances created by loads of chemicals. The scent of this one isn’t that bad at all, as it has a slight pepperminty smell due to the peppermint in it of course. I needed a hand cream to add to my purse every time I go out and this one seems to be perfect. Also, can I just talk about the cool packaging? I love how this is created in a vintagy style! 

Second up is the All Over Balm I love how this is in a glass container. Seems more sophisticated. I can also reuse this container for other beauty items such as holding my rings, earrings, or bobby pins. The product is pretty thick and should moisturize the driest of elbows, knees, and chapped lips. Unfortunately, I only find this product working best as a lip balm as I didn’t find it healed my roughly dry elbows. I also decided to use it as an under eye cream at night as it contains a few essential oils that are beneficial to the skin. I absolutely love it as a lip balm as it is extremely moisturizing. 

Last, is the Body Scrub. If you prefer a bit of a musky scent to your skincare, this one will do for you. As for me, I usually like a fragrance that is more fruity or flowery. Sometimes the smell of this Body Scrub is similar to the cereal fruity loops, but other times it’s got a strong musky scent which I’m not big into. It’s really nice having a body scrub to exfoliate my skin weekly. I enjoy the consistency of this scrub as it exfoliates and moisturizes. Two things in one is almost always a bonus! 

After using these products for a week or so, I was neither impressed nor disappointed. But, overall I liked these products since they are better alternatives to products with a long list of ingredients where you end up not even knowing what you are applying to your skin. I would also like to try other products in the HM skincare range too! 

Hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful! Let me know in the comments what other products you’d like me to try out and review. 

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hm skincare, hm conscious, natural skincare, organic skincare, all over balm, sugar scrub

hm skincare, hm conscious, natural skincare, organic skincare, all over balm, sugar scrub

hm skincare, hm conscious, natural skincare, organic skincare, all over balm, sugar scrub

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