Pro’s and Con’s of Honest Beauty free trial

Hello lovelies! I’ve wanted to share with you all the free trial kit I ordered online from Honest Beauty for quite a while. Now, I’ve wanted to try Honest Beauty products ever since I heard about Jessica Alba’s all natural beauty line, but obviously needed to try the samples before getting ahead of myself. As you may know, I enjoy sampling products loads in order to find just the right item to add into my simplified makeup routine. It is quite a process, but I’m here to sample beauty products and tell you what’s worth buying and what’s not. So, here’s my review on the Honest Beauty trial…

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Honest Beauty Products:

Lip gloss in shades- creative kiss (dark), dreamy kiss (nude), and inspired kiss (sparkle) 

Dependably Clear- oil free moisturizer

Beyond Protected- daily beauty fluid SPF 30

Refreshingly Clean- gel cleanser

Pros: I have to admit, there were more pros than cons for sure. First off, the packaging is absolutely flawless! I’m all for the minimalist approach and the light gray shades creates that look along with being all natural. I love the makeup bag as it will store the perfect amount of makeup to travel with or put into your purse. The bag is also lined well enough that it should last a really long time!

Now, lip gloss isn’t my favorite thing to apply as it can get sticky and messy all over, but I was quite satisfied with Alba’s lip glosses as they weren’t too much of a bad thing. Made with pomegranate, the texture is quite smooth and isn’t highly pigmented for a more natural shade on the lips. I’d suggest using the color dreamy kiss on your lips for a nude inspired look, creative kiss for date night, and inspired kiss for a bit of a pinkish hue.

The oil moisturizer did it’s job without making my skin feel coated in lotion. It’s also a bonus for containing natural ingredients.

It’s safe to use a daily SPF on your face, every-single-day! I try to use one in order to prevent my skin from sun damage in the future and I quite like this one. It’s not my favorite, but the SPF level at 30 is a perfect amount or 15 will do as well.

Lastly, the gel cleanser is nice for sensitive or acne prone skin as an everyday face wash. It’s super gentle on the skin and has natural ingredients from plants to do the job. It is simply a cleanser and does not exfoliate or take off makeup, so keep that in mind. Overall, this is the best scented out of all of them! I would recommend this product out of all of the ones I have used.


Scent- the scent of most of the products, especially the moisturizer and sunscreen will definitely smell organic or all natural since there aren’t any added fragrances. That could be a minor setback for you though.

Consistency- the consistency of the sunscreen when applied to the hand wasn’t liquidy enough and you will need to mix it with your hands before putting it on your face. Wish the formula didn’t separate like that.

Satisfaction or that extra umph- When a product meets your needs and surprises you in a way that it becomes one of your favorite products, that’s when it is satisfying and has an extra umph to it! But, sadly I wasn’t really amazed by these products as much as I had set out to become. But, I do think that as they are natural products, I would definitely see them as a great addition to any beauty routine to avoid harmful chemicals on the skin. In the future, I will be trying out some of the makeup products as well to give you an update on those!

Way to go Jessica Alba!

Free trial here…

Thanks, xoxo

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