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Hi guys! I’m onto the last post of the 5 W’s and How to Simple Beauty! If you’re new here, welcome! I’ve been covering a few of the reasons I’m transitioning my beauty lifestyle into a simpler one. Feel free and refer back to any of the previous posts you prefer to. I find that creating a series answering questions to how I am trying to live a more simple life can inspire others or hopefully find something useful! With that, I thought for this post about the ‘How’ of simple beauty would work best in a sort of form of a checklist. Not a strict checklist that you need to check off in order from top to bottom, but one that provides an easy way to have a more simple beauty routine.  

You probably already know this, but I like to live by the philosophy of ‘less is more’ especially for my beauty and style collections. I feel like this motto makes life easier. Who wouldn’t want a less stressful, more enjoyable life?! You’ll be spending less time thinking about what you don’t have and enjoy what you do have — and I’m not just talking about things, I mainly mean focusing on what you have such as time, loved ones, health, experiences, etc. Hold onto the good stuff, let go of excess. 

I occasionally go through my beauty products to double check what I’m using and which products I just never tend to reach for. This prevents me from purchasing more of a similar product I don’t actually need or want, most of the time. Depending on your skin type/health, your routine may vary from mine, but I’ll let you know about mine to get a sense of my simple routine. I’m clearly not a dermatologist, so if you have serious skin conditions I definitely recommend one if needed. But in some cases, the simpler the beauty routine, the better. That’s because our skin doesn’t need that many products applied to stay in good health as other factors are in the mix such as environmental impacts and overall physical and mental health to name a few. Out of all of the other factors, products applied topically only impact about ten percent of your skin’s appearance/health. That doesn’t mean it should be neglected, but it keeps it in perspective when you see new products on the market. 

By the way, I’ve been struggling with acne since I reached my twenties. Say what?! It sucks, but thankfully there are ways to try and prevent it. One of these ways is to avoid using a variety of different products with loads of ingredients. I previously mentioned this in the series, but want to further mention to be more aware of what your putting on your face. Don’t be afraid of synthetic ingredients, just make sure to avoid the chemicals you don’t want to have in your products. I prefer to stay away from added fragrances, parabens, or other ingredients that tend to cause allergies in the majority of people. Thing is, this can be a little tedious sometimes, so not all my products follow this. I definitely don’t recommend switching to ‘all natural’ products, since I’ve found some of those give me allergic reactions too. Just because it is ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it is safe, non-toxic.

Only a handful of skincare products is plenty! 

How to maintain a simple skincare/makeup lifestyle checklist: 

  • look at what you have
  • what do you really need? SPF, moisturizer, new mascara since you ran out, etc.  
  • throw out what you don’t use (refer to bottom clear out list)
  • use what you have
  • when shopping, check ingredients on label — avoid what you don’t want in it, find products mainly containing ingredients that cater to the specific skin need 
  • be cautious of green wash marketing 
  • remember a product that is more expensive, does not necessarily mean it’s better
  • what’s trending, sometimes isn’t worth the hype or purchase
  • don’t overspend, save the money for experiences/adventures 
  • you only really need one or two of the same product, if that. You really don’t need any of it, but if you like it and will use it at least once a week, buy it if you want to! Most products on the market aren’t even needed in order to maintain healthy skin, some are just fun to have, but remember you don’t NEED it. 
  • have fun! Shopping can be fun, as long as you don’t have buyers remorse. Just because you go shopping with friends, does not mean you have to buy something. Window shopping sometimes inspires you to think of new ways to do makeup! But, if you find yourself coming home from every shopping trip with loads of new things and regret, it might be best to not shop as often. 
  • keep in mind that having more, does not equal happiness. Just because you have the latest and greatest, doesn’t mean you’ll become happier, happiness is a state of mind. Less is more. 

Here’s a clear out list (works for both skincare and makeup):

  • take out all your products onto the floor — if it’ll create a mess, place down newspaper or a blanket you can clean off. 
  • categorize them — moisturizers all bunched together, sunscreen, eyeshadows, liners, etc. 
  • go through each category and narrow down to what you actually use — if you haven’t used the product within a certain amount of time, toss it! (I try and get rid of anything expired, I haven’t used in over a few months, or just don’t ever find myself reaching for since I don’t like it much. You decide what you think works best for you. If you never use the product, why keep it? Donate it, sell it, give it to a friend, etc.)
  • repeat for each category by getting rid of the items you don’t use often by donating it or giving it away 
  • look at the products left over — if you have more than a few of each product, try to narrow it down even more if needed (For example, I had a few too many black eyeliners that I really didn’t need. I got rid of a few so that now I only have two or so in different consistencies — one marker style and the other in classic pencil form.) 
  • organize the products you use most in some sort of small beauty box that can be placed/fit anywhere you prefer doing your makeup. I like placing my skincare products under my sink, while my makeup is in a portable makeup box. 
  • for the other items, place them within reach so that you don’t forget that you have them. That way you can switch out your beauty products when you’d like to keep your routine from getting boring.
  • repeat whenever you feel there is too much clutter, want to change things up, etc. 

I’ll be doing a post on my minimalist skincare routine and makeup routine so you can get an even better idea of having a simple beauty lifestyle. 





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