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Have any of you struggled to find the right primer for either your budget, skin type, or lack of knowing which one has worked for others? Want to skip the test taking of sampling every primer you find in the local makeup store? I’ve got a few that I find work pretty good depending on the type you prefer! I’ve picked my favorite primer out of these 4 that tends to work the best for my skin tone and is budget friendly. Primers are nice to use if you plan on wearing your makeup throughout the day and don’t want to touch up on it or primers are nice to minimize pores and set in the makeup you put on for the day. 

How to Choose a Primer

primer, skincare, makeup

NYX- Matte Finish Fini Mat long lasting setting spray

Now, this primer you actually use last after putting your makeup on since it is setting spray. If you would rather put a primer on after you do your makeup, then a setting spray is the perfect choice. All you do is spray your face (remember to close your eyes!) with a couple spritz and you are good to go for the day! I love NYX makeup and quite like this setting spray when I’m in a hurry and need to set my makeup in place. I ordered mine online, but you could possibly find this at Target since I think they have NYX products now!

primer, makeup, skincare

NYC- Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer (684)

Super cheap for those who don’t want to spend much on a primer or if you just want to see if you prefer to add a primer to your daily makeup routine or not. This was probably the first primer I’ve ever tried and I quite liked the subtle shimmer it adds to the face while making my face soft and ready for makeup. I wouldn’t rely on this primer to hold your makeup all day, but for the majority of the day. I like to wear this on days where I’m running errands or hanging with friends, but wouldn’t use it for a nice dinner date or party. I found this primer from Walmart!

primer, makeup, skincare

Boots No. 7- Beautifully Matte Makeup Base

This primer is my all time favorite! When I first bought it, I tried mixing it in with my foundation since sometimes that works but not for this one. If you apply it evenly with or without a moisturizer then it does the trick. This primer has a matte feel once applied to the face and keeps your makeup locked in place for the day! There isn’t much of a scent, which is nice to those who prefer fragrance free makeup and it also is inexpensive as I picked this one up at Target for about $10 bucks.

skincare, makeup, primer

Smashbox- Photo Finish (oil-free)

I constantly saw this at Sephora whenever I’d go for a makeup browse around the store and always wondered if it was a nice primer or not. Fortunately, I was sent a sample by my subscription to IPSY and was super excited to try it! There are other primers by Smashbox that cater towards your skin type or preference too. This would probably be my second favorite primer because it keeps my makeup on my face throughout the day! It feels as though it minimizes the pores when applying it, which is nice! So, if you’re up for a splurge on a primer I definitely recommend this one.

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