I thought I’d let you guys know how I clean my makeup brushes, since I didn’t know how to clean my own brushes until I browsed the internet to find what method works best. Luckily, I found the most inexpensive and easy way to clean my makeup brushes! If you’re like me, you also like to find the simplest way to do things. I don’t want to spend 20 or more on a makeup cleaner if I can find something more inexpensive that works just as good. Who knew that baby shampoo would work on makeup brushes too? I sure didn’t! But, it totally makes sense since the formula is sensitive and won’t ruin your brushes. I did give it a try as regular hair shampoo, but let’s leave that for the babies since my hair didn’t get any softer after using it.






 So, let’s make cleaning your brushes even more easy! Here’s a simple 3 step process to get those dirty makeup brushes nice and clean!

1- Starting with your first discolored makeup brush, use about a dime size of the baby shampoo and dab it onto the brush or your hand.

2- Swirl your brush on the palm of your hand with the shampoo cleaner and then rinse under warm water (as much heat on your hands that you can handle before it burns! that way you’re getting rid of most of the bacteria on the brush when using both soap and water).

3- Lightly squeeze your brush without pulling out the individual brush hairs and place it onto a dry towel keeping the brush portion on the edge of the towel to dry. Repeat with all your other brushes. And that’s it!

Ok, maybe you need to wait until they dry before trying to use them but that’s common sense. I usually wait about 12 hours before using them again just to make sure they are dry enough. So, what works best for me is when I apply my makeup for the day and then clean them afterwards so I don’t have to worry about using them and not being able to for awhile.

What do you clean your makeup brushes with? Want to know which brushes I like using most? Want to see that in an upcoming blogpost? Leave a comment below!

Thanks, xoxo


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