NO freaking way guys!!! I am on Seventeen Magazines WEBSITE! I am getting really close to one of my dreams:) Being IN the magazine… either as a model or just in it no matter what:) I am so happy! I will share the link to see the pic and others just like me who got put in. 
Here’s what happened… I entered on instagram for a chance to be featured in Seventeen by hashtagging a photo of me when certain words #17jeans and such. I did it because I like to do the challenges just to see if I’d ever be picked, which I know can be pretty hard sometimes. But why not try?! Well I’m so very glad I did because not long after I received an email saying that Seventeen liked the photo and wanted to feature it into the Real Girls’ Guide To the First Day of School Feature. By then, I was shocked! Me?! Yes, me! I know this sounds like I’m making a huge deal about it even though it is quite small, but think about it… I’ve wanted to be in this magazine or their website for quite a few years and just didn’t exactly know how or thought it’d never happen since so many girls want to as well, until I found instagram and their amazing challenges to be featured in it! Wahoo… so I hadn’t heard back about me being featured so I was curious and checked out the website multiple times! Now, I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that I could just put in the search the name of the feature until today! So I typed it in and soon enough on #10 I was there:) I’m so happy guys! Here’s the link-