Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog and hi to those who are new! I enjoy adding a playlist into the mix of my blog posts since music is obviously a beautiful way to relax, work out, have fun, etc. I use music the most when commuting to and from school while I contemplate life… haha. So, I’ve created a playlist of what songs I have been listening to since January, as well as ones that I have recently found. If you need some new tunes to listen to, you never know, we may have similar taste in music!

music playlist

 music playlist  music playlist  music playlist  music playlist

January Tunes 2016

Ignore my cracked phone due to the multiple times I’ve dropped it! I’m pretty clumsy! I’m pretty sure most of you haven’t heard of the band The Kooks or the singer Shannon Saunders yet since they are not well-known within American, but more popular within England. I have a weird obsession with British singers and music that started out more than a few years ago and hasn’t ended. That’s probably one of the reasons why I decided to take a trip to London, England a couple of years ago because I liked part of their culture of music. But, if I tell you that a song from The Kooks was featured in the credits of one of my favorite movies, “17 Again” you might recall their sound (the song is called Naive). On the other hand, I found Shannon Saunders after browsing through YouTube from a YouTuber that I was following who featured her within his video. She was just starting out and I found her voice so beautiful and her words unique compared to some of the mainstream pop on the radio. I couldn’t resist to add her within the mix! Anways, I’ve provided a link into my account on Spotify to listen to each of the tracks, as well as providing each song description below! Hope you enjoy!



Unbreakable Smile- Tori Kelly

Hollow (feat. Big Sean)- Tori Kelly

I Of The Storm- Of Monsters and Men

Prey- The Neighbourhood

All We Do- Oh Wonder

Dazzle- Oh Wonder

Burn- The Vamps

Electric- Shannon Saunders

LO-FI- Shannon Saunders

Re: Stacks- Bon Iver

Keep It Real- Kyle

Sweet Emotion- The Kooks

Thanks, xoxo

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