My family currently went on a trip to Tokyo, Japan and left me behind since I had school and finals soon:( Ya, that sucks huh?! But, they brought back a few goofy little things that I wanted to show you since I find them pretty dang adorable! So here they are! You are welcome to laugh at me and how I find the most random things to be cute and worthy of a blog post.


Look at the cute little packaging to this bracelet? I find that my favorite bracelets that I’ve collected from vacations are tropical related, with either flowers, shells, etc. since I quite like beach themed things. I’m one of those friends who always has sunscreen in her bag when heading to the pool, since sunscreen smells like coconut or pineapple and reminds me of the beach! Anyways, this bracelet is pretty dang cute and my favorite color is blue… so, basically it has my name on it!

CUTE JAPANESE THINGS3Whenever I’m out and about during the day, I like to have some cleansing wipes or hand sanitizer in my bag just in case. You never know if you’re going to be around sick people or going to eat, but need to quickly clean your hands to avoid germs. And who wouldn’t want a fun print on it just for fun?! This polka dot wipe packaging is adorable and honestly I do not know what it says besides the small English description since it’s in Japanese but it could even start a conversation with someone you’re with.


Who didn’t watch Pokemon growing up? I admit, I didn’t watch it often but I’ve heard friends and people my age reminisce about this cartoon. Pikachuuuuu and the other character! These are cute tissues, also essential to add to your purse when you are out of the house.

Have you been on any recent trips and found any good finds? What are your essentials that you always have in your bag? A favorite lip balm, fragrance, lucky charm? Comment down below!

Thanks, xoxo