Lace up Sweater & Puffer Coat: ZAFUL Collab


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What I’m Wearing:

Cropped Lace up sweater ZAFUL

Faded black jeansH&M (DIY ripped jeans)


Guys! I’ve wanted a lace up sweater for so long and finally got one! Yay! I literally could have one in so many other colors as I find this styled sweater to be the ultimate must have in my wardrobe. Why? The lace up sweater takes a basic sweater to the next level by adding something new and making it a bit feminine. Which I definitely like! I received this lace up sweater from ZAFUL, happily! They gave me the option of choosing clothing items that I’d like to try out and this HAD to be one of them. All opinions are my own:) Also, ZAFUL has a huge variety of trendy clothes and reminds me a lot of Forever 21 and Sheinside. So, if you feel like trying out the latest trend, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, I’d say to give them a browse. 

I paired the olive lace up sweater with my high waisted ripped jeans, as the sweater is cropped. I can’t live without high waisted jeans! They are my all time favorite style for jeans or any pants to be honest. I actually got these without rips in them, but felt like I needed some edgy jeans so these are my second pair of DIY jeans. It’s so simple to add rips to them that I just couldn’t resist. If you haven’t already noticed, my style tends to fall under a minimalist approach with a bit of edge some days or a little girliness on rare occasions. 

Since it has been snowing and raining in Utah, I had to wear my coat too! But, lately I’ve noticed how the puffer coat has been trending for a few months now and I hadn’t really thought of it, but I had one! It’s not super puffy like ones I’ve seen on online fashion sites, but it has a futuristic look to it as it’s a shiny gray. I love the fit of this one and the length since it keeps me warm, like it’s supposed too, and also looks unique. 

Let’s not forget that I branched out of my all black attire by ordering this lace up sweater in the color, olive. I’ve actually also really liked this color for quite sometime, especially for fall/winter looks, so I’m glad I’m wearing it now! 

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays! Comment below letting me know if you’ve tried the lace up sweater trend?! 

Check out more pics from me here…

Thanks, xoxo


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