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Lancome, beauty, Influenster, foundation, concealer, highlighter, lipgloss

Lancome, beauty, Influenster, foundation, concealer, highlighter, lipgloss  Lancome, beauty, Influenster, foundation, concealer, highlighter, lipgloss  Lancome, beauty, Influenster, foundation, concealer, highlighter, lipgloss  Lancome, beauty, Influenster, foundation, concealer, highlighter, lipgloss 
Lancome Products: 

Le Metallique Metallic Lip Lacquer in Mirrored Nude 

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation SPF 15

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer

Lancôme Click & Glow Highlighting Skin Fluid

Hello guys! I had to tell you about one of these products as it has become one of my favorite makeup products EVER! I received these Lancome products complimentary from Influenster to sample and I’ll give you my honest opinion on them to help you find new products to try and keep in your beauty routine. Simplicity is best, so pick and choose what products you may need or want to create a simple, clean beauty regimen that’ll be convenient for your day to day lifestyle. 

First off, the Le Metallique Metallic Lip Lacquer in Mirrored Nude. I’m not the biggest fan of lip gloss as I find it gets a bit sticky on my lips and isn’t the best texture I prefer (I can’t get enough of a lip crayon as they glide on smoothly with a bit of color while hydrating the lips). But, I was willing to give this one a try, especially since the color is more neutral to my liking. Unfortunately, I’ve used this a few times and have found myself wiping it off not long after since I’m not a big fan. If you enjoy lip glosses, I wouldn’t say to avoid this because you might enjoy the consistency, but it wasn’t my thing. The color was quite nice though. 

Next, Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation SPF 15 and this is my must-have higher end foundation. I have to tell you how it was serendipity as I had been to Sephora and sampled this one almost a year ago and loved it! I couldn’t get myself to spend almost fifty bucks on it though as I usually opt for a drugstore foundation, but luckily I received it from Influenster! What?! I have used it for more than a few days now and can say this is one of the BEST foundations I have ever used for my oily prone skin. It’s got such a nice finish that isn’t too thick or thin where I can blend it and layer it. It definitely exceeds my expectations and lives up to the higher end brand name and price. I want to wear this everyday, but know that I also want to save it for special occasions since I want it to last. Only thing to keep in mind is to sample it in store before you buy it as the color changes a bit once on the skin due to oxidation. 

Third, the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer is great, but it came in a darker shade from the foundation even though the number was smaller. I got a 110 concealer and the foundation was a 140, so I’m not quite sure how the color range works. A bit disappointing as I prefer using a concealer about two shades lighter than the foundation, as told by makeup artists. I did try it and it works like a charm! It covers up spots so well and works as a great under eye concealer, but I think I was allergic to it as my eyes watered. Keep that in mind when using beauty products that have a long list of ingredients. I’m gradually using more and more natural beauty products as I’ve cultivated a curiosity to put better ingredients on my face to notice benefits and not using harmful products on my face as often. The US doesn’t have a whole lot of regulations on what is put into our beauty products and I’m learning more about it to live more simply. 

And last, the Lancôme Click & Glow Highlighting Skin Fluid. I’m always excited to try a new highlighter for fun! This one was quite an odd shade though for my skin type as I found it darker than my skin tone and didn’t suit it well. Once blended though, the shine was subtle and nice, but I prefer a lighter highlighter. The application at the end of the product is quite odd as I don’t find it super easy to blend with, so I would just apply it in a line and smudge it with my fingers or a separate brush. I’m not sure if it’s purpose was to make it an easy application, but I think it fails. 

Overall, it was really nice trying Lancome, a classic beauty brand with good reviews, but I only loved the foundation. The concealer was great too, but my face didn’t like it as much haha. 

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