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Welcome back to my blog and hello to those who are new! I’m all about the every day style and inspiring those who like to mix and match pieces they already own to finding what works best to add into your wardrobe! Your style is continually progressing and should as you continue to grow and change in your every day life. So, I’m here for help, inspo, advice, examples, and as a friend! Don’t be afraid to ask me in the comments below anything related to style and beauty that you have questions about or even an encouraging quote or song. I love hearing from you guys and want to know what you’d like to see in upcoming blog posts. This blog is for you and me! I love being creative and putting clothing pieces together that are affordable and make me feel good (and I hope they make you feel good too!) to show you! Pick and choose what you will incorporate into your style since we all have different styles and should in order to make life more interesting! I constantly find some style bloggers who are wealthy and can afford the latest Prada bag, but let’s be realistic here… most of us are either mothers, college students, or working girls, etc. who simply can’t afford to keep up with the latest fashion. Fashion and style are different. You do not need to keep up with the latest and greatest fashion runway pieces, to me that’s over-rated. We can wear nice things too that look just as good if we learn how to put things together. Yes, incorporating a few nice name brand stuff is great! But, even the best fashion bloggers mix and match name brand with other affordable brands. I want to make styling easier and more fun! That’s my whole rant and I hope you enjoy! My friend and I ventured out to the little city we live near of SLC, UT even though it is the middle of winter to take some style photos. She’s an amazing friend and I want to thank her on here (and in person) for being so fun and taking some incredible photos! Thanks girl!


















Guys! I used to think those who could pull off wearing shorts in the winter were genius! What a way to add in some of your summer clothes into your winter wardrobe stylishly. I had tried the look before, but wanted to show you guys how you can do it too! No, I don’t mean wearing shorts without layers and you probably could’ve already guessed that from looking at the photos. Whenever I have a hard time finding what to wear (and we all have those days) I learned that whenever I put on one color from head to toe and then add layers with colors or with neutrals I can easily create a look that I feel good in. And that’s what we all want, to find an outfit within our wardrobe that hints about our personality and makes us feel good. That’s always a great start to any day! So, luckily my friend and I coordinated our outfits unintentially to show you guys how we created 4 looks together by wearing our black and gray basics. Don’t forget a beanie, haha! You do not have to wear a beanie but my friend and I both love wearing them especially in the colder weather. With my first look, I wanted to make it as simple as possible as an example for those who don’t like to wear lots of layers. I added onto my black basics, an oversized gray sweater which seems to be like a big hug as it wraps around most of my body… haha (most of you may not laugh, but I like to think I’m funny since I find that one of the best qualities in a person…). The next look, I was inspired by London street style and my quirky, fun side. I have noticed that in London some mix casual pieces with classic pieces, so my blush blazer and navy peacoat jacket are more classic and the color black, while the basics and my over the top gray knit pom pom beanie adds a bit of info from my personality of my quirky side. When wearing this outfit, I don’t want others to take me seriously and instead I want to look stylish, but also show a bit of my clumsy, funny side. My friend loves the football team the Cowboys and added a beanie with their logo into one of her outfits. It also makes as a great converstation starter! Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Feel free and contact me or comment below if you have any questions towards this post.

Colie’s basics

 black tee- H&M

black short shorts- Forever 21

black tights- unknown (can find them at any womens store- Target, Walmart, Forever 21…)

black knee high socks- Forever 21

black lace up shoes- H&M

gray oversized cardigan- Forever 21 

Colie’s layers

maroon beanie- Primark (UK)

gray knit beanie with pom pom- Forever 21 

I feel as if the photos didn’t show you my lovely knee high socks I wore, along with the black tights and so I’ve got a few photos below if you want to see the textures. If you’re like me, I sometimes like to feel the fabrics of clothing pieces in order to know if I’ll like them so I thought if I showed you them up close, that would be pretty nice even though you can’t feel them. It’s just like online shopping… wish I could touch the fabric through the computer screen haha! I included the soft knitted beanie with the huge pom pom on top!

Thanks, xoxo

Photo credit goes to my lovely friend:)

Questions for you… Have you worn knee-high socks? How have you styled them? What layering pieces do you find most comfortable and cute? What city near you do you love to explore?




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