sweet mint, summer fruit, Rachel Roy Wildberry
These chapsticks or lip balms have been very popular lately and I continue to see them everywhere. From one of Miley Cyrus’s music videos to people at the supermarket or friends, these have made a hit. Now, I wanted to try them out myself and the first one I got was a gift from a friend. I wasn’t in love with the smell of the summer fruit, but it was definitely a convenient item to have within my purse. Then, I heard from my sister that the sweet mint was her favorite, after she had given me the wildberry. I went out and bought the mint one and pretty much fell in love. I would say my favorite one so far is the sweet mint one because it smells amazing and if you forgot your gum you can just pop this on your lips and you need not worry. It tastes quite nice too. I wouldn’t say they should be a massive favorite for everyone, but they are a bit better than any other chapstick I’ve ever used because they keep my lips hydrated the longest. They also have fun packaging with the roundness and colors and flavors of all of them. So, I would say go ahead and give them a try! You might like them as well:) I would rate these an 8 out of 10.
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