Loungewear 22 Outfit


Hi guys! I know some of you have been studying for finals this week or are finally off the hook and get to enjoy your break before a new semester of school or maybe you have a day off from work and need to relax and have some alone time. Be a homebody for a day (or even 2)! Who cares! If you like to stay and chill at home, do it! I definitely like taking time out of my week to take a break and do what I enjoy and those days usually include me wearing loungewear to be the most comfortable! So, I thought I’d show you an outfit that is one of my favorites to wear in order to be the most comfy, cozy. Find a loose tee or fitted, depending on what fits your comfort, then a pair of soft sweats or even leggings (as long as the t-shirt covers your bum! Unless your staying home) and some long socks! To keep warm add a sweater or hoodie to the look! One relaxing thing I like to do includes burning some coconut scented candles (reminds me of the beach), turn on some string lights, and watch a movie or the amazing YouTube. So, where did I find these pieces? Let me tell you, I definitely recommend sweats from Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch! Why? I have a pair I wear to bed and to be honest, they are older than you’d think but you wouldn’t tell looking at them since they have kept their softness and haven’t fallen apart at all! Yes, it’s true and I want to say they are over five years old… I found these newer ones in the jogger style from the guys section because who says you can’t wear guy sweats? I tend to like my loungewear to be baggy, the more oversized the better. And I’m hoping they’ll last just as long. I like wearing black quite a lot and so I thought I’d add gray into the mix, especially since these have one of my lucky numbers (yes, I have more than one lucky number… is that even legal? jk, jk)!

What do you wear on your lounge days?

What brand do you favor?

What do you enjoy doing on your days off?

Have any fun plans for the Christmas/ New Years break?

Thanks, xoxo