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It’s always nice receiving free gifts, especially when they have sentimental value or a brand you love! Marc Jacobs is a well-known fashion designer who also created a makeup line a few years back and I’ve been dying to try a few of the products. Thankfully, today was the day…

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This lipstick enhances your natural lip color by adding a punch of blushed pink to them! I favor these kind of lip shades over most for a day to day lipstick since they help to accentuate your lips without creating a bold look. It’s about the subtle details! I found after using the black eyeliner that is can create a thick, strong line along your lids, but it can also be smudged to make a smoky eye appear even more smoky. I absolutely love this eyeliner as it stays put in place! Thank goodness! It’s especially nice in the summer months when your face can tend to get oily or a bit sweaty from the sunshine and having an eyeliner that won’t budge is one less thing to worry about.

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My makeup look consists of a 90’s inspired theme as does my outfit with the choker and high waisted vintage Levi’s. After using the Marc Jacobs glow stick for a while, I’ve found that it has bits of golden and silvery white glitter to it but for my slightly golden tan from the summer I prefer more gold! I do enjoy using this though as it definitely accentuates my cheekbones to a new level! It’s gorgeous for those paler toned gals and will better suit me when my tan is gone.

I apply the Marc Jacobs glow stick mainly to my cheekbones as shown in these photos, but also sometimes for even more glow I will apply it to my forehead, down my nose, cupids bow, and between my lips and chin. Once I put it on the spots I want, I blend it with my fingers. No need for brushes! I find that using your fingers to apply makeup makes things easier at times, especially on the go! Using the Marc Jacobs glow stick makes your cheekbones pop and creates a lovely glisten to your skin. Overall, using a highlighter helps my makeup look appear even more girly!

Marc Jacobs beauty: 

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lipstick- Kiss kiss bang bang

highlighter glow stick glistening illuminator

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