Yellow Midi Dress

yellow dress, midi dress, gamiss, off the shoulder

This dress was given to me by Gamiss to review. Some of the links below are affiliate links. Feel free and skip over them if you do not want me or who I collaborate with to be paid per click. Thanks for understanding!

What I’m Wearing:

Flounced Off The Shoulder Midi Dress

Tribal Geometry Retro Rings


Guys! I’m making a transition with my blog to live closer to my ‘less is more’ motto! I decided to part ways with the collaborations with Gamiss, Rosegal, and Zaful. It was fun while it lasted! But, I have found that I would much prefer quality clothing, even if it costs more as it’ll last longer. On occasion I may purchase a few cheaper clothing pieces for trying out trends. I hope you guys find my blog more and more helpful as I search out more ethical clothing/beauty brands to live a more minimalist and healthy lifestyle that will also be eco-friendly. Follow me on my journey and get inspired! 

I have loads of ideas to share with you and am excited for this larger transition in my life that’ll be beneficial! I’ll be showing you guys beauty DIY’s I’ve tried as well as clothing brands that are more sustainable, and MORE! Hope you all will enjoy my future posts!

As of right now, I’ve got a few more posts collaborating with Gamiss to share with you. The off the shoulder Summer trend, is still trending! I picked out this Flounced Off The Shoulder Midi Dress from Gamiss. Reason one being that I never wear yellow, and reason 2, I never wear maxi or midi dresses. I thought of trying something completely new for me to wear. You never know, if you don’t try! Perks of this dress, well it doesn’t skim the floor which is a bonus! Nobody wants a dress that touches the floor and gets dirty. The yellow is very vibrant for me, but I like it for Summer! The style is great too, I think it’ll be a fun dress to wear in the hot weather. I kept things really simple as the I wanted this Flounced Off The Shoulder Midi Dress to speak for itself. This is such an effortless Summer look, I love it. But, in all honestly, it was a bit see through so I will be donating it to charity instead. If it wasn’t see through at all, I’d be wearing it almost weekly, so I was a kind of disappointed. 

As for the Tribal Geometry Retro Rings, aren’t they nice and indie? They came in one-size, which didn’t really fit most my fingers. So, yet again I’ll be donating them so someone who fits them can wear them. I enjoy donating my things to charity as the feeling of giving is great! Give things away that you don’t wear in your closet that’s taking up room. You never know who might need it more. Anyways, wish they fit because I liked the design of them. 

Hope you got inspired! Thanks for checking out this post! Comment below what dress you’ve been wearing this Summer…


  yellow dress, midi dress, gamiss, off the shoulder  yellow dress, midi dress, gamiss, off the shoulder  yellow dress, midi dress, gamiss, off the shoulder  yellow dress, midi dress, gamiss, off the shoulder  yellow dress, midi dress, gamiss, off the shoulder

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