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Hi guys! I just wanted to show you my current favorite mascara and tell you why since I know some of you (and even me) sometimes struggle to find a mascara that stays put throughout the day and coats the lashes the way you want them. I’m pretty picky when it comes to mascara since most days I only use mascara on my eyes and do not have eyeshadow or liner to emphasize my eyes and want the mascara to do the exentuating. Luckily, I’ve got naturally long eyelashes so I usually can get away with a few swipes of mascara and look more awake if I curl them, but this mascara should work for anyone and you don’t need to worry about the length of your lashes. Thank goodness! 

My Current Favorite Mascara & Lash Curl Trick

makeup, mascara, essentials, face

So, what mascara is it?! The Maybelline Lash Sensational! Yes, this mascara is one of my favorites that I’ve ever tried and it’s under $10 bucks! Did you think I was going to tell you my favorite was over $50 bucks? Nope, it’s from Maybelline! And it’s not only me who’s enjoyed this newer released Maybelline mascara, but also a few beauty guru’s on YouTube (Tanya Burr & Zoella), who I adore! I had bought it and tried it out before even hearing how these YouTubers loved it as well. That’s always a good sign! Not only is the formula amazing since it coats the lashes, but the brush also maximizes the way the product works! The only way I can describe the mascara wand is that it has little spikes and I find that this is one of the most effective brush wand that I have ever seen. This mascara also tends to stay put throughout the day! It doesn’t budge! Even when I rinse it off with a cleanser, it takes some scrubbing before coming off, but isn’t a waterproof formula. I tend to stay away from waterproof since taking off the mascara is usually a pain. Lash Sensational mascara stays put without being waterproof, but the only small minimal downside is how it takes a bit longer to rub off after the day.

Now, to the lash curling trick I do! Nope, it’s not something you need to buy. Yay, I love finding inexpensive things that work great, but I also love learning makeup tricks such as using one product for multiple purposes! I know some people use eyelash curlers to curl their eyelashes, but honestly those kind of scare me since they look like a little dangerous contraption that’ll pull my lashes out if I budge. Haha! I have tried them before, but found that they would curl my lashes but the curl would only last a few hours since mine tend to straighten because they are pretty long. So, I simply use my hands to do the trick and the curl lasts all day long! Where you expecting something more difficult? No way! It’s super easy and that’s what I prefer for my everday makeup routine. Here’s the mini instruction guide to curling your lashes with your hands. First, apply your mascara and wait about 30 seconds for the formula to slightly dry. Second, put your palms facing your face using your fingers slowly guide your lashes with your fingers upward and hold for 5 seconds and repeat one more time. Last step, with your palms facing down to the ground and your index finger closest to your face, use both index fingers and push them lightly against your lashes again for 5 seconds. Double check in the mirror to curl how far you prefer them and that’s it! Walaaa, you’ve got curled lashes without the difficulty of using a weird looking contraption.

Which mascara do you use for your everyday makeup look? If you’ve tried this mascara, let me know if you loved it too?! Have any products you’d like me to feature on my blog? Feel free and leave me a comment below or shoot me an email on the contact tab above!

Thanks, xoxo

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