My current favorite mascara’s

 They’re Real! by Benefit
A few months ago, I got a free sample of the They’re Real! mascara for my birthday from the wonderful store Sephora! I didn’t know what to expect other than knowing Benefit was a really good brand and had excellent packaging skills(since they package everything so cute and creative)! Once I opened up the mascara I could tell by the wand that it was going to do its job. And sure enough, it did! It coats every eyelash and opens up your eyes:) I definitely recommend this one! 
Voluminous by Loreal

Now, this mascara is different than others for me in the best way! I have long eyelashes, but need a bit more thickness added to them to make them appear fuller… and this mascara creates exactly that! It really thickens up your eyelashes while extending them out:) I get this in the color black/brown for a more natural and subtle look! 
Voluminous Million Lashes by Loreal

Voluminous Million Lashes does almost the same exact job as the They’re Real! by Benefit, but it is more inexpensive since you can find it at the drugstore. The wand is designed almost the same as well to define every eyelash! I have mine in black so that on the days I want my eyes to stand out the most, this will do the trick! This mascara is also the easiest for my eyelashes to curl, since mine refuse to almost every day. I don’t even use an eyelash curler cuz it never did worked for me. Instead, I use my hands to curl them by gently pushing them upward and holding it for about ten seconds each:)