Off-the-shoulder top: spring trend

This weekend I got the chance to meet up with a few girls from a wonderful group I joined on Facebook called The Social Society. This group is a community of girls who want to be inspired to succeed online and in life! Luckily there are quite a few of us from Utah, so a couple of us met up and became each others photographers while we explored the beautiful city of Daybreak, Utah.

Off-the-shoulder top (similar)

I had to try this trend since I needed to expand outside of my typical wardrobe full of casual, classic, and girly pieces and go for something more bohemian! I’ve seen a few girls pulling off the trend really well and thought, why should I? So, as the spring trend continues I found one that is a cool wine/burgundy color and has a bit of shoulder peeking out without being completely strapless. I think it’s more comfortable wearing this type of styled off-the-shoulder top as you don’t have to worry if it’s falling off or not. The sleeves are definitely new to me as I don’t have anything similar. My boyfriend said it looked a bit like a vampire shirt… since the sleeves are wide! Haha! He’s a tease. I thought this beaded necklace worked perfect with the boho vibe I was going for and it was made from one of my friends I grew up with:) Since Utah is moody, I had to pair the top with jeans and boots as it wasn’t quite warm enough, but you’ll be seeing this top with shorts soon too! I’ll style it a few different ways since I think it is multi-functional.

beaded necklace, off-the-shoulder

beaded necklace, off-the-shoulder

My friend Brooke who I grew up with has been making jewelry ever since I can remember! She’s always making things and is super creative and cute:) She has her shop on Etsy called Yellowbib where she makes her own necklaces. Check her out and you’ll find some super girly necklaces with floral designs and intricate beaded ones. I’m so glad I snatched this one up as it works perfectly with my boho look and I prefer wearing black! The tie is made out of ribbon and ties beautifully from behind for a little extra detail and is adjustable to my liking. It’s nice knowing you are supporting your local artists and designers and friends when it comes to what we wear!


beadednecklace10 (1 of 1)

beadednecklace18 (1 of 1)

One of the girls I met from The Social Society group is Brittney, who happens to have recently started her own blog called To & Flow where she shares her passion for style, travel, and yoga! Go give her blog a look at To&🙂 She’s super nice and was willing to take photos of me and wander Daybreak with a few other girls. Follow her on instagram at @Brittney.leanne as she has a beautiful instagram with lots of fun photos! If you want to see details on her outfit, be on the look out on her blog page.

Which spring trend have you tried? Are you trendy or prefer sticking to classics? Do you have a bohemian style? Comment below:)

Off-the-shoulder top– (similar)

Necklace- Yellowbib

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