Reindeer Sweater and Over the Knee Boots: Rosegal Colla...

Guys, it may be hard to believe, but I’ve never had a Christmas sweater… Yes, it’s true. Ok, maybe as a kid I did, but as of my teenage years as well as adulthood I can’t say I have. So it was something I definitely wanted for this holiday season and luckily Rosegal had plenty of them to choose from. I received this sweater and another one generously from Rosegal! I will share my honest opinion of them, even though I got them to try them out. I fell in love with the Reindeer sweater when I saw it online! I just thought it was adorable and it came in one of my favorite colors, black. If you consider black a color! Find out more below…

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e.l.f. Skincare & Cosmetics Review

It was such a nice surprise receiving e.l.f. Skincare products for free from Influenster to review! My opinions are my own:) I will let you know what products I like most as well as the ones I don’t, so that you will get a helpful idea of which products you might want to try yourself. I’ve had these products for a few weeks now and have tested them out a few times or more depending on how much I liked them. I honestly was excited since I actually use some e.l.f. beauty products and have been for quite some time as I find that they work quite well considering how inexpensive they are! 

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High Low Sweater: Rosegal Collaboration

Hello lovelies! I’m so excited to share with you guys what I’ve recently gotten in the mail from an awesome apparel website! It’s a new one to me, since I’d never heard of them before, but am now really glad that they reached out to me. Which apparel website you might ask?! Rosegal! If you haven’t heard of them before, I’m here to give you a lowdown on the site. They sent me this high low sweater to review and I’ll be giving my honest opinion about it. Now, let’s get into the details…

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Rocksbox Collaboration: Gold Details

This post was sponsored by Rocksbox and the opinions are completely my own based on my experience. I was excited to receive my first Rocksbox in the mail, as I was chosen to be one of their Influencer’s. This first box I got, has a GorJana Disc necklace, which I’m wearing here. I also get a few other jewelry sets once I return mine, since it’s a jewelry rental that lets you use the three pieces of jewelry for a month or so, then return it for another box with new pieces. The subscription costs $19/month, but they gave me a code for you guys to use for a free month’s subscription so that you can try it out as well (look below)! You’ll get a customized box of your own from a wishlist you create online, so you can wear the three pieces of jewelry for a month, then send them back if you don’t want to own them. If you want to buy any of the pieces, you just keep them and your card on file will be charged. Easy peasy!

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Sneaker Status

Lately I’ve wanted to pursue a more creative shoe style by buying some that have a few differences by preventing them from being bland. Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs a pair of neutral shoes to wear with an eclectic outfit, but most of the time I want my shoes to be the eclectic ones! I’ve also grown up wearing mainly neutral colored shoes and just recently have wanted to venture out a little more with my style starting with shoes.

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Pro’s and Con’s of Honest Beauty free trial

Hello lovelies! I’ve wanted to share with you all the free trial kit I ordered online from Honest Beauty for quite a while. Now, I’ve wanted to try Honest Beauty products ever since I heard about Jessica Alba’s all natural beauty line, but obviously needed to try the samples before getting ahead of myself. As you may know, I enjoy sampling products loads in order to find just the right item to add into my simplified makeup routine. It is quite a process, but I’m here to sample beauty products and tell you what’s worth buying and what’s not. So, here’s my review on the Honest Beauty trial…

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Summer Beauty Must Haves

Since it’s the middle of summer, I decided to share with you guys these summer beauty must haves. Most of the makeup I collected in this post are newer products that I’ve tried just recently that deserve some attention! These beauty essentials will provide you with a beautiful summer glow and brighten up your makeup routine if you feel yours has gotten a little dull. Keep browsing…

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Monochromatic summer

I’ve seen the button up skirt trend continue to thrive, so what better way than to wear it myself after finding one that fits my style. I know it’s the middle of summer and most of us are wearing colorful outfits and most of the summer I tend to follow that path, but I also have days where I enjoy wearing monochromatic shades for a classic, timeless look. See how I pair the button up skirt with my boho summer vibe while in the city…

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Bralette’s galore

Bralette’s are all the rage now! I’ve seen how some fashion icons will wear them OVER their plain tees and it’s actually surprisingly cute. At first you might think, that’s kind of bazarre wearing your bra over your clothing, but not if the bra is adorable with lace or designs! Bralette’s seem to be more of a statement piece than just for functional purposes. I picked out a few of my favorites I’ve found to show you and hope to have my own soon! Can’t wait to try this trend myself since I think it’s totally adorable. I’m a big fan of lace and am considering purchasing one myself, so be on the look out on a future outfit blog post!

I find that bralette’s look good under a low cut dress, a sheer top, or a top that falls off one shoulder! Don’t hold back on how you wear it as long as you cover up what’s appropriate. No need to go all Miley Cyrus on us! It’s fun to try new trends every now and again because you might be surprised what you end up loving! Bralette’s come in all sizes and colors, from the sporty girls to the girly girls! Lace, silk, cotton, and more! The bralette trend for me is easier to include into a basic wardrobe, easier than the silk lingerie dresses as those tend to be tough to incorporate in a casual wardrobe. I did see someone on Vogue’s site wearing it with a hoodie underneath. See, anythings possible just stick to being you.




created via Polyvore

Lane Crawford — blush triangle bra 

T by Alexander Wang — Satin bralette

Boohoo — Polly Strappy Bralet

Calvin Klein

AE — halter boho bralette

Charlotte Russe — lilac bralette 


Thanks, xoxo

Marc Jacobs beauty bits

It’s always nice receiving free gifts, especially when they have sentimental value or a brand you love! Marc Jacobs is a well-known fashion designer who also created a makeup line a few years back and I’ve been dying to try a few of the products. Thankfully, today was the day…

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