Lucky me I’ve got all three… my model, best friend, and boyfriend. He gladly supports me in what I love to do with fashion and blogging and being my creative self. I asked him one day and he was totally up for it. So, I rummaged through his endless supply of t-shirts and browsed through his closet to find an outfit that I absolutely love on him. The colors suit his skin tone and hair color… and I bought him the shirt too haha. The other day he wore those dark evergreen colored jeans with a gray top and I was instantly drawn to how good they looked on him. It’s definitely gorgeous outside and the park is a perfect place to find natural beauty for the background. I want to feature more people on the blog and not all just me because it’s more fun to dress others and I take the photos, as well as seeing more variety! So, lemme know what you think. I enjoy doing a post on boys style as well because I have a few boys in my life who have their own individual style… one being my boyfriend and the other being my younger brother.
Navy palm treeleaf patterned t-shirt- Banana Republic
Evergreen jeans- unknown
silver sneakers- Diesel
Aviator sunglasses- Target
Thanks, xoxo